Becoming the star student

Becoming the star student

Attending university is the next step after high school. Statistics say that pursuing higher education increases earning potential and offers better job security. It does not matter why you decided to apply. What matters is that you become the best. It is important to have good grades and have your achievements recognized by everyone. Being a student is one thing. Being the best student is another. You have to make an effort. If you are determined to make it in university, you will have to learn how to manage in the competitive environment. The following tips will surely come in handy.

Take part in class discussions

Teachers are facilitators in the sense that they enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Therefore, professors encourage students to speak up in class. If there is a discussion going on about the strain of steel and aluminum, make sure to participate. It is not enough to sit and listen if you are taking an introductory course to solid mechanics like TAM 251. Star students voice their opinions and make teachers proud of them. The discussions are accessible, so you should not be afraid of making yourself heard. You do not have to dominate the discussion. However, it is a good idea to be active during the course.

Share the reading workload

In university, the reading materials are hard. What is more, you are not able to pick and choose. The readings are assigned to each and every student, meaning that they are mandatory. Since you are paying, it is not possible to neglect your studies. Okay, maybe you were not planning to. But you did not think about sharing the reading workload with your colleagues. Consider being generous for a change. Do not let those piles of papers sit on the desk for too long. Get in touch with friends and try to come up with a reading schedule. You will be able to exchange notes and opinions, which is important to say the least.

Meet with your teacher      

Professors are available to students. Educators are more than willing to offer additional explanations and help students get on the road to academic success. you might want to arrange a meeting with your teacher. If you study solid mechanics, you will definitely need the help. Young people with a keen interest in solid mechanics are always welcomed. You will be able to solve your most pressing challenges. Spending time with your teacher does not make you an annoying student. You are not receiving preferential treatment. What you are simply doing is making proof of initiative and interest.


If you really want to be the star student, you should start meditating. Surprising as it may seem, meditation is helpful. Meditation will improve your life and your academic performance. meditating eliminates anxiety, makes it possible for you to relax, and do better in university. It is important to practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and work on your poses. You will not regret it.

Steve Volk