Hiring a car accident lawyer- questions you should ask

Hiring a car accident lawyer- questions you should ask


Experiencing the physical and emotional effects of a car accident is undoubtedly overwhelming but the need of hiring an attorney cannot be neglected. It can be a simple or a daunting selection process, depending on your perspective and attitude. Mainly, you must follow a few important steps: research qualified lawyers that you consider suitable for your case, establish a meeting that will give you the opportunity to ask several questions regarding the education, professionalism and experience of the attorney as well as his strategy and fees, make a final decision based on the accumulated information. However, before you schedule a meeting, you should make a list including all the questions you consider relevant and topics you intend to discuss. Apart from that, marking down the details of the accident is essential because it will help the North Miami Beach car accident lawyer assess your case.

Education and background

Start the question session with the early stages of the attorney’s career and try to find out as many details as possible concerning his background and education. Auto accident victims represent your main specialization or you get involved in other aspects of the legal field? How many clients resort to your services annually? Do you generally settle the lawsuits or take the cases to trial? Where did you study law? Are you part of any professional organization? These are just a few questions that will help you evaluate the attorney’s knowledge and experience so be merciless.

Case assessment and management

After you explain and describe the auto accident and injuries, ask the opinion of the lawyer regarding your case. What can he realistically tell you about the financial settlement? Does he think that you will end up in court? Can mediation be considered an option? What is his overall assessment of the case? How long it will take until he completes your case? If the attorney’s answers are straightforward and concise, it means that you can rely on his honesty and objectivity. In terms of case management, you have to discover if he will personally be in charge of your case and participate in court appearances and negotiations. Moreover, he must provide availability, quick reactions and progress reports so you know that he puts effort in his work and he is determined to help you.

Finally, yet importantly…fees

After you ask everything you included on your list, you should open the fees topic because after all, the lawyer’s services do not come for free and you have to decide if you can afford him. Do you expect payment even if you lose the case? How do you charge? Can you give me a total estimation of the costs? Will I be able to take home some money even after all the expenses and fees? This question session will definitely help you choose the right attorney because it will enable you to reach a conclusion. At the end, allow him to make any comments he considers appropriate and do not forget about references from previous clients. 

Steve Volk