How to pick the right photographer for your special wedding

How to pick the right photographer for your special wedding


Planning a wedding involves both sensitive decisions and considerable investments. From choosing the ideal location, tasteful music, delicious and imposing cake to the mesmerizing flower arrangements and much more because this represents a grand event in your life and you want everything to be, look, taste and smell perfect. Nevertheless, you do not have to get lost in all these aspects and details because you will forget about other important things including searching for a professional photographer able to capture the beauty of your wedding resulted from your efforts and attention. If you think about it, everything else will disappear at the end of the day but the pictures will be there forever. With all the chaos and emotions, it is normal to get lost in the moment and at some point in the future, you will want to relieve the same feelings. For this reason, you need a reliable photographer to be with you at every step and immortalize this special event.

Portfolio and style

When it comes to selecting photography services for your wedding, you have to think critically and objectively meaning that you have to examine with close attention the photographer’s portfolio so that you become familiar with his work and decide if his style matches your tastes. Even though you probably do not have extensive knowledge concerning the technical aspects, you should look at the color balance, lighting and storytelling because it will help you assess the quality of the pictures. You should also make sure that couples do not look nervous in front of the camera. This means that the photographer knows how to work with his clients and help them relax. Shortly, you two need to work as a team, build an excellent communication and have the same vision for stress-free and beautiful pictures.


Apart from a top quality portfolio, your wedding photographer must have several key qualities including attention to detail, patience, creativity and good communication skills. This will enable him to capture even those unplanned moments that usually turn out the most natural and charming. Moreover, he must be capable of providing various ideas and suggestions regarding the most beautiful layouts and poses from the experience accumulated over the years. Since we are talking about a wedding, we have to admit that not everything goes according to plan and a professional photographer like Moritz Schmittat should know exactly how to overcome these unpleasant spontaneous moments and adjust to changes while delivering excellent services.

Package pricing

Considering that planning your wedding requires a significant financial investment, inquiring about the package and making sure that the price is fair becomes necessary. Usually, packages include up until eight hours but if you intend to make a memorable exit or you have special requirements you might have to pay some additional fees. If you decide to pay more money than anticipated for this service, at least you should receive high quality and professionalism, besides the aspects mentioned above so analyze the situation carefully and make sure that it is worth it.

Steve Volk