Mommy-and-Me workouts that will help you lose weight rapidly

Mommy-and-Me workouts that will help you lose weight rapidly

Becoming a mother means giving up almost all of your free time. As a new mom, you will spend hours and hours each day with your children. Because pregnancies come with a few extra kilos, women need to invest at least one hour each day into exercising. That is pretty tricky considering how much time your child requires from you. One way to combine both of these activities would be following a Mommy-and-Me workout. This type of workout involves holding your baby while you perform the exercises. Follow these tips to lose weight while spending time with your little one:


First of all, you should only start working out once you have your doctor’s approval. Depending on how long it has passed since you gave birth, you may or may not be able to work out just yet. If you are allowed to workout, only choose exercises that are easy to medium to perform. Always perform a warm-up before the workout.

Insist on your arms and shoulders, as you will hold your baby and they might get sore very quickly. It is also important to perform the exercises correctly to protect your spine and back muscles. Be careful – Mommy-and-Me exercises can only be performed with children who are able to hold their heads up. It is recommended to perform such workouts with children over 3-4 months old.

Dancing workouts

If you want to start with a light workout that is also relaxing and fun for the baby, you can try a dancing workout. Dancing workouts are cardio ones and they involve all muscles in the body. Your goal is to sweat as much as possible while holding your baby in your arms. Dancing elevates your mood while soothing your baby. To also use your arms during the workout, you can wear a front carrier. Choose your favorite music and have fun while burning some calories. You might find more information about fun exercises to try with your child on this complete parenting blog, called Pink Mole.

Use your baby’s weight

If you are fully ready to workout and you want to target certain areas of your body, you can perform certain exercises that will definitely get you sore. Holding your baby will represent the weight you carry, just as in the case of dumbbells. Pay tremendous attention to your posture so that you don’t hurt your back. 

  • Curl-ups

Curl-ups are great for sculpting your abs. Lie down on your mat with your knees up and bent. Place your little one on your belly and hold him with your hands. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders as you curl towards your child. Do this slowly and repeatedly.

  • Walking lunges

To target your entire legs and buttocks, you should perform walking lunges. They are performed just the way regular ones are, the only difference being that you hold your baby close to your chest. Keep your back straight and bend your front leg at 90 degrees. Continue walking around the house, bending your legs and you will definitely feel sore in the morning. 

Steve Volk