Student performances – the battle between private and public schools

Student performances – the battle between private and public schools

Have you ever wondered if there is a real difference in the performances of a student who attends a private school versus the performance of a student that’s enrolled in a public school? Well, the differences are present and they are influenced by a multitude of factors. The major one is represented by the educational curriculum. The role of the teacher is also a paramount factor that can influence how prepared a student is at the end of the classes. This article should help you understand the differences between a private and a public school, so that you can make a choice in the end. Choosing the best Orange County private schools could dramatically change the future of your child. Here’s what you need to know:

Private schools

In private schools, the accent is placed on the students individually, compared to public schools where the idea of a group is emphasized. When attending private schools, students are provided with more attention and care regarding their own personalities, skills and traits, so that the curriculum they select fits their needs and preferences. This is the only way to reach the maximum potential of the students and to encourage them to invest into their talents and passions. In public schools, standing out from the crowd is much more difficult because teachers don’t encourage that. In private schools, students get the chance to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Plus, the curriculum is extensive and it includes much more topics compared to the traditional one, encountered in public schools.

Public schools

In the case of public schools, there is no need of additional exams when entering. Public schools are free in most countries and the process of learning is mostly based on theory, not on practice. All the children are placed in the same types of classrooms and they are not differentiated by any criterion. Everyone is learning the same topics and goes through the same experiences, regardless of their individual traits, skills and talents. Public schools take advantage of gifted children by being accountable for student achievements, while in private schools the students get all the merit. Even though they are free, public schools are not the best option if you want to see student performances that are matched to your child’s talents and skills.

The choice is yours

You may not afford a private school, and that’s not the end of the world. Public schools are just as efficient as private schools in terms of how many things your child is going to learn. The only difference is how this theory is applied. As long as your child is able to blend in and adapt to any conditions, then both options will work just fine. Assess your financial situation, get to know what your child expects and make a choice that suits your individual case. Both types of schools are effective as long as your child is interested in learning as many things as possible.

Steve Volk