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Best Hair Straightening Tools for Thick Hair

Styling thick hair can be a challenge most of times because you need to use special tools and products specially designed for thick hair in order to style it more easily, without damaging the hair cuticle. Straightening is the hardest because you need to use a powerful tool in order to achieve results. In this article, we will show you which are the best tools for straightening thick hair. So let’s get started!

GHD Gold Professional

This hair straightener is one of the most popular hair styling tool on the market and this is due to many reasons. We like that you can use this straightener to both make your hair straight and curl it. It has curved edged so it allows you to try out different hairstyles. The gold plates are made of ceramic so they glide smoothly thorough your hair. You can use it with confidence, even if you have thick and coarse hair because it will not damage your hair. This particular model comes with a sleep mode feature that is activated if the straightener is not used for 30 minutes.

HAI 1.0 NEO Styling Iron

The HAI 1.0 NEO Styling Iron comes with the revolutionary Damaged Control Technology which was designed to reduce hair breakage and damage done to your hair. Although thick hair is less prone to damage, that doesn’t mean we should neglect it and use a low quality hair straightener tool. The NEW styling tool is made of high quality materials and the plates themselves are infused with Nano tourmaline that generate negative ions and far-infrared rays to reduce frizz and make your hair look and feel healthy after each use.

Sedu Professional 1½” Flat Iron

If you are tired of dealing with frizz after straightening your thick hair, then you can opt for the Sedu Professional 1½” Flat Iron and take advantage of its great features. By using this straightener you can smooth and get rid of frizz at the same time. This flat iron uses ceramic and tourmaline technology to help you straighten your thick hair, without damaging it. This hair straightener offers best results when used on medium to long thick and curly hair.

FHI Heat Platform Professional 1¾” Styling Iron

The FHI Heat Platform Professional has an attractive design and it comes with impressive features so you will love using this tool to style your rebel thick hair. With the FHI styling tool you can reduce static and frizz and create multiple hairstyles, from straight to wavy and curly. The ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline, so they help protect your hair and give it a healthy glow. Furthermore. the negative ions repel humidity and help protect your hair from heat damage.

Steve Volk

Best Rated Flat Iron Brands

Nowadays, flat irons are extremely popular, and lots of women have a device like that in their homes, due to the fact that they can easily straighten their hair and even curl it with this tool. However, it can be tricky to settle on just one flat iron since there are countless options. In order to ease your choice, have a look at the following best rated flat iron brands.


Rusk is one of the best rated flat iron brands, due to the fact that it produces devices that come with titanium-infused ceramic plates which offer you great results without damaging your hair. Furthermore, your hair will not only be extremely straight, but it will also look very shiny. Rusk straighteners are quite expensive, but they definitely worth the money. They are not only efficient but very durable as well. Therefore, you should consider a Rusk flat iron a long-term investment.


Solia straighteners are very popular due to the fact that they have the widest temperature range and they also offer you a great result in a short time. A device like that is very easy to use, and you will certainly obtain a great look. While other products work only on one type of hair, Solia devices are recommended for all hair types. Even the curliest hair can be straightened with a flat iron like that. Furthermore, Solia straighteners are reasonably priced, in comparison with other devices that can be quite expensive.


Remington is without a doubt one of the best rated flat iron brands, which produces devices that do a wonderful job. Most of the Remington straighteners come with an automatic shut-off feature and a quick heat-up time, which is absolutely amazing, due to the fact that if the unit is not being used for a period of time, it will automatically shut off. The quick heat-up time feature is also very useful, especially when you are in a hurry and need to straighten your hair very quickly. You will also find very easy to use a Remington product, and your hair won’t be damaged due to the ceramic plates.


This brand is a well-known one, due to its efficiency and stylish design. The products are light-weight, stylish, and they usually come with an adjustable range of temperature, in order to meet everybody’s needs. Moreover, the easy-to-read display will certainly be your liking, and even coarse hair will be straightened with only one pass, which is absolutely fantastic.

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