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101 guide for purchasing the right sewing machine

When looking for a sewing machine, many people find themselves in the situation of not knowing exactly on what aspects to focus in order to choose the right one for them. However, living in the Internet era offers one good advantage, which is the fact that it simplifies the research a lot. People can make the right decision if they ask for other’s opinions on specialized forums, or read some useful reviews on various sites, such as http://www.sewingmachines.reviews/. Below are some useful tips that can make people decide which sewing machine is best for their needs and budget.

Beginner or advanced?

This is the first question people should ask themselves before purchasing a certain sewing machine. It is commonly known that there are many types of sewing machines on the marketplace. Some of them are specifically designed for beginners, so in case you are not at your first sewing machine, it is highly recommended to purchase one that suits your needs, but also your abilities. The ones for beginners have fewer functions that sewing machines designed for people who are more experienced in this domain.


Several companies have made a name of themselves in the past decades as far as sewing machines are concerned. Some good examples are Singer, Bernina, Brother, Janome, Husqvarna, or Babylock. Choosing a popular brand might cost you some extra money, but in case you want to obtain the best results, a professional machine is the best solution.

What will you use it for?

This matter is also an important one. If you want to start a business in this field, it is crucial to choose a professional sewing machine that has many functions available. Each machine has different features, so make sure you choose the one that is in accordance with what you need. Some sewing machines are better for quilting, some have buttonholes, and others come with stretch or even zigzag stitches. Make the right choice and resort to the one that best meets your interests.

What you should avoid

It might be very useful to test the sewing machine before you purchase it, especially in case you opt for a used one. Check to see if some parts of it, such as the pedal, plug or motor become hot to the touch after you use them for several minutes. In this way, you make sure you avoid any problems. Another important aspect you need to consider when buying a used machine is the bushings in the motor, because these pieces tend to get worn out. One good way to check them is to look into the motor while the machine is running. In case you see any sparks inside, this means there is a problem that needs to be fixed. However, the best way to avoid all these problems is to purchase a new sewing machine.

Overall, the brand, the purpose of use and things to avoid are only a few elements that people should bear in mind when buying a sewing machine, whether it is for them or for their loved ones.

Steve Volk