4 Reasons to Give Up Store Bought Bread

4 Reasons to Give Up Store Bought Bread

If you trying to stay in shape and watch your weight, then you should let go of several habits that are unhealthy for you. Other than giving up junk food, you should try to avoid buying bread from your local shop due to many reasons, some of which we will mention below. Instead of buying bread, you can make your own healthy bread, with the help of a bread maker.

It’s unhealthy

Store bought bread is generally full of preservatives to prevent it from going bad the next day. It also has sugar or other additives to make it taste and look better then how it normally looks like. Besides the problems already mentioned, when you buy bread from the store you should be aware of other several issues: the soil and wheat is treated with pesticide, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not only toxic, but also xenoestrogens ; when making bread there are used all kinds of colorants to “help” maintain its appearance.

You can make money savings in the long term

Bread is inexpensive and everyone can afford buying several loaves of bread a week, so you might think that there’s no way you can save some money by giving up store bought bread. However, if you try making it at home, you can see that there’s a big difference regarding how much bread you can make by buying a couple of ingredients. The ingredients are cheap and you can make a lot by using only what you have in your pantry. You will soon notice that it’s a much better alternative to buying bread and you will manage to make some money savings at the end of the month by not having to buy bread everyday.

You can do it yourself

If you are an aspiring chef or you like cooking or preparing food, then you will love making bread at home. The main reason why most people prefer making bread at home is the fact that they know for sure that the ingredients used in making the bread come from reliable sources. Other than that, it’s fun and very rewarding to make something on your own, without no help and see the results afterwards, especially if you use a quality bread maker, which does much of the work without requiring any effort from your part. If you look online for a bread-machine comparison, you will notice that most of the best bread makers of the moment are quite affordable.

You can try out more recipes

Why bother going to the store every day and stay in line to buy bread when you can make it at home? As we’ve mentioned earlier, making bread at home is a great way to perfect your cooking skills and experiment with different recipes. However, if you find it difficult to make bread at home, you can invest in a bread machine that comes with a variety of features, so that you can make all kinds of recipes. Look for an online bread-machine comparison article, and search for a bread maker that allows you to play with the ingredients and cook different types of bread.

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