Adjusting to a small living space: how to organize your apartment

Adjusting to a small living space: how to organize your apartment

People consider downsizing for different reasons. Whether they plan to retire and they no longer need a large space, they cannot afford living in a big house anymore so they start looking for a small apartment downtown or they simply realized that filling so much space is almost impossible and they would feel more comfortable knowing that they are not wasting it, downsizing represents the solution. However, adjusting to a tiny apartment after living in a quite imposing residence for so long is more difficult than you imagine. Just think about it: you will not benefit from a big garage for your expensive vehicle, you will not have big walls to display that amazing art collection and you will not have storage-oriented furniture for all those antique and valuable books, not to mention about the size of your closet.  Indeed, moving from a house with plenty of space to a tiny apartment in the city sounds like a challenge.

Renting a storage unit: the solution for your valuable belongings

The bright side is that, regardless of the problem, you can always find an efficient solution. In this case, if you cannot place all the personal items inside the apartment, you can direct your attention towards numerous storage units Concord that provide adequate conditions for every item and maximum security. In fact, your valuable antiques will enjoy more protection against harsh weather conditions and thieves inside such a unit instead of your apartment located downtown. After organizing a part of your belongings inside the storage unit, you have to return home and start organizing the other part. Since you no longer have a lot of space available, you have to be resourceful and ingenious. Do not worry because there is a multitude of ideas on the internet on how to get the most of your tiny apartment. Furthermore, this article has the purpose to offer you guidance in this regard in order to facilitate the process. However, you must understand that if you do not change your mindset first, you will never manage to accept or get used to your new place.

Tips for giving the illusion of a bigger space

You will be happy to discover that apart from organizing all your items successfully inside the apartment, you can even create the illusion of more space. Lighting, colors, mirrors and multi-functional furniture is all you need for maximizing the existing limited space. An important tip that you cannot overlook is removing doors. Of course, not all of them (leave the entrance door alone). However, the truth is that an excessive amount of doors makes you feel cramped and suffocated. Returning to the main tips for maximizing the space in your small apartment, you should start by decorating with light shades. Because of their light absorbent nature, you want to stay away from dark colors. In order to transform any room in a warm space, you want to let natural lighting come in. Finally yet importantly, mirrors will reflect light colors meaning that if you place them strategically, they will give the illusion of a much bigger space.

Steve Volk