An easy-to-follow guide to nailing your best man speech

An easy-to-follow guide to nailing your best man speech

Writing and delivering the best man speech should not be such a scary mission or a complete failure as long as you avoid several major mistakes. Including long stories will bore the audience and inappropriate jokes will embarrass the bride and groom. Ignoring their parents will make you indifferent, hogging the limelight will make you a narcissist and using alcohol for courage will inevitably lead you to disaster. You might think that no matter what you do you will fail lamentably but it is not true. As long as you keep it simple and short with your Best Man Speech, know how to combine honesty, amusement and respect, practice and finish with a bang, everything will run smoothly. Remember, you just need to be yourself and a little more for this special occasion.

The structure of the speech

  • Beginning: Obviously, you have to start with a great and funny opening line in order to captivate the entire room within the first seconds. Originality is the key. An inspiring quote or an ice breaker joke should do the trick. Visit this website if you need help. Take into account that even if you are the groom’s friend, not everyone knows you meaning that you should introduce yourself from the beginning. Do not forget to express your appreciation to the host and your exultation for witnessing of the couple’s happiness.
  • Middle: After you grab everyone’s attention you have to maintain it throughout the speech. Everyone has gathered there for the bride and groom so you should relate a story that proves their love and affection for each other, such as the first moment they exchanged looks or how the relationship helped your friend grow. If your words are sincere, you will definitely strike the right chord.
  • Ending: This is common sense, but the best way to finish the speech is with a toast. Encourage the guests to raise their glass in the couple’s honor and personally congratulate them. You can even include a sentimental closing line regarding the matrimony or wise advice for your now married friend as long as you do not go over the top.

Tips on delivering the speech

Unless you have public speaking anxiety, delivering Best Man Speeches should not represent a problem. Feeling nervous is quite normal considering that everyone will focus their attention on you and if you need a couple of drinks go ahead, just remember not to cross the line and get drunk. You can read the speech but not fast and inexpressively like a robot. After all, is your best friend’ wedding and you must show at least the lowest emotional intensity you are capable of. Watch your posture because the photograph will capture the moment in photos and you must look presentable. Do not mumble or swallow your words because nobody will understand what you are trying to communicate. Instead, deliver the speech loud and clear to monopolize the attention of the guests. After all, you worked very hard to write it and practiced several times to deliver it, make sure that it shows.


Steve Volk