Avoid these mistakes when decorating your living room

Avoid these mistakes when decorating your living room


Some people use their living room for family gatherings while others simply enjoy spending time there while reading a book and drinking a delicious cup of tea. The truth is that you have the freedom to use the living room as you wish as long as you ensure a proper decoration and balanced atmosphere. You are probably aware that the space you live in or spend time, even temporarily, influences your mood significantly. For this particular reason, before starting your decorating project, you should do a little research and pay close attention to certain aspects in order to prevent making irreparable mistakes. Generally, people end up decorating the interior spaces of their home wrong, including the living room because they lack information so we tackled the most common mistakes so you can stay watchful and attentive when embellishing your space.

Overcrowding furniture arrangement

When it comes to furniture, size and placement matters. Even though you probably purchased qualitative Skovby pieces, you have to know how to combine them in order to create a balanced design in your living room. Many people make the mistake to overcrowd the room by adding to many pieces of furniture and place them how they find it adequate without taking into account conversation areas or a focal point. Use the furniture strategically to facilitate the communication of people in the room, such as placing the chairs next to each other so that they do not have to shout.  The focal point can vary, from a window to a fireplace. Another thing you should keep in mind is traffic flow. You should not encounter difficulties in getting from one side of the room to the other.

Ignoring the colour psychology

The majority of people paint the walls before choosing the furniture and obviously, this represents a major mistake because this action forces you to find furniture that matches the colours, which is more difficult than choosing a colour that will blend perfectly with the pieces of furniture. Furthermore, homeowners seem to overlook colour psychology, probably because they are not aware of the effect a colour can have on your state of mind. However, they surely walked out of a room with a negative mood without knowing the reason. On the other hand, colour lovers know exactly how to mix warm and cool shades in order to create the ideal space and bring positivity into their homes.  

Lack of accessories

Some people decide to eliminate accessories from their decorating project because they prefer to maintain a classic style and avoid placing different embellishments randomly. Nevertheless, adding accessories to your living room without creating a feeling of suffocation or tackiness is possible. Both lack of decoration and excessive decoration might harm the aspect of a space meaning that you must find a balance. Select only certain pieces that you are fond of, such as paintings or family photos and place them strategically. This will prevent you from covering the walls completely and attacking the eyes of your guests.

Steve Volk