Breakup survival: moving out on a shoestring budget

Breakup survival: moving out on a shoestring budget

Whether it represents a more convenient decision, financially speaking, or the love is unbearably strong, most couples decide to live together. If everything goes smoothly, both parties have to benefit from this step. However, if the relationship becomes unhealthy, there is no point in prolonging the suffering. Having a mature conversation where you both discuss about your current feelings about each other is the wisest move. Obviously, a break will help you eliminate all the confusion in your mind because you will be able to gain a more objective perspective on your relationship status. As a result, after a period you will determine if you should break up. The bad news is that you will no longer be able to live in the same residence. Since you probably did not prepare for such a major change, you start panicking because you practically do not have a place to stay so what do you do?

Rent a storage unit for your belongings

Well, this article has the purpose to help you manage the process of moving out easier. Stressing out over this unexpected transition from having a stable partner to being single is pointless. You have to adopt a positive attitude and carefully plan your next steps. If you talk with a close relative or friend, they will definitely accept having you in their home for a few weeks or so. However, since you will not benefit from the same amount of space you had when living with your partner you will have to find an adequate place to store a part of your possessions. There are numerous storage units Atlanta that you can consider without worrying that someone might steal or vandalize your stuff. In fact, these types of units have modern security features and even climate control so you could not find a better solution. Just pay attention when you separate your belongings because you want to make sure that you keep basic items that you use every single day and you store decorative elements or clothes that you are not currently using.

Crash on a friend’s couch until you find a place to stay

Now, moving on to something even more important, even if your friend or relative welcomed you in their home, you should not take advantage of their good-heartedness. This means that you should start looking for an apartment from the first day you step into their house. You do not want to become that annoying person who disturbs others’ peace for her own comfort. Indeed, nobody said that it will be easy, particularly because of the mixed thoughts running though your head and confusing feelings in your heart. Practically, you have to move on while moving out. Becoming stable from both a financial and emotional point of view requires time and patience so if you make mistakes along the process, learn how to forgive yourself. A breakup is tough, but if you create a pleasant routine and you start saving the necessary money to start living alone, you will be ok.  

Steve Volk