Eclectic bathroom: mixing styles and breaking patterns

Eclectic bathroom: mixing styles and breaking patterns

A well-established bathroom renovation plan includes a generous budget, an intense selection process in terms of fixtures, lighting, flooring and colors, accurate measurements, the help of a plumber and installation. However, once you complete the basics, you have to decorate your future spa oasis in accordance to your personality. Of course, there are numerous styles available, from modern and sophisticated to rustic and traditional, but the problem is that you cannot limit yourself to just one type of design. Well, the bright side is that you do not even have to taking into account that nobody prohibits the combination of more than two styles. In fact, such a combination acquired a specific name over time – the eclectic style. If you are a nonconformist, then you will absolutely love the challenges imposed by this type of décor because it practically forces you to think outside of the box. Only fine arts lovers and connoisseurs used to approach this once hardly to comprehend funky mix.

The eclectic style perfectly matches your rebel personality

If you are not familiar with eclecticism, then make sure that you keep in mind its typical characteristics, which refer to a calm and strategic mix of different periods, contrasts, the addition of unique items, either inherited or handmade, extravagant use of materials and an organized mess. If you worry about the new bathroom cost, you should know that achieving this original style is far cheaper than purchasing and installing the necessary fixtures. Therefore, you should not skimp when exploring decorative elements for your peaceful oasis. If you are proud because you do not fit into any basic stereotype, than having the opportunity to infuse the same vibe into your bathroom will make you incredibly satisfied. In fact, this project allows you to express freely without someone else judging your actions so if you want to interblend farmhouse and contemporary, then go ahead and paddle your own canoe. The purpose of creating an eclectic bathroom design is to break patterns in the first place so becoming shy along the way is pointless.

The basics of eclectic design: textures, colors and accessories

Moving on to the actual renovation, we are going to approach three important elements, namely texture, color and accessories. The best part about the eclectic style is that you have the possibility to play with materials without staying within certain limits. Whether we are talking about old and new, hard and soft, matte and shiny materials, only your creativity can stop you from creating a strikingly beautiful space destined for relaxation, especially after those long and stressful days at work. In what concerns the colors, you have to opt for neutral shades for background, but also include your favorite color or a strong color that works for contrast. You can even combine four colors if you want. Finally yet importantly, when it comes to the accessories department, you can go wild. If you gathered a multitude of accessories throughout time, do not hesitate to include a good part of them in the bathroom.


Steve Volk