Electric bug zapper buying guide

Electric bug zapper buying guide


Electric bug zappers are some of the best home innovations. These lawn and garden products provide an insect-free night, not to mention that they can be used inside as well. If you are like most people, then you most likely do not enjoy being around irritating insects. What you have to understand is that an insect control system will prevent critter from ever getting near you again. Unquestionably, such a device can significantly improve your environment, but you should know that choosing one is a daunting task. Since the bug zapper is an investment, you have to choose carefully. What you have to do is visit a site like electric-bug-zapper.com and read the reviews to see which one suits your needs. Equally important is to follow these steps.

Decide between indoor and outdoor use

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of electric bug zappers: those that can be used indoors and those that can be used outdoors. Although the vast majority of manufacturers make insect repellents that can be used indoor and outdoor alike, you will find devices specifically designed for one use. Therefore, you have to determine which type is most appropriate. It is important to highlight that you cannot use an indoor insect control system outside because it is not strong enough. The same goes for outdoor big zappers. They do not provide optimal results when used inside the home.

Look through the different types of insect killers

The matter of fact is that there are different types of electric insect killers on the market, which is the reason why making a choice is quite difficult. While it is true that insect protection has come a long way, not all products are capable of providing optimal results. When analyzing the different options, you have to take into consideration a few factors. The question is, however, what should you be looking for in an insect killer? It is important to consider the coverage area as the gadgets are designed to cover a specific surface. Think about power consumption too; you do not want to pay extra on electricity bills. Last but not least, do not forget about the cost factor. Different brands have different prices and it is advisable to avoid devices that are too cheap.

Is the bug zapper effective for eliminating mosquitos?

Contrary to popular opinion, mosquitos are not really drawn to such machines. This does not mean that a big zapper is not capable of killing mosquitos, just that some devices are more effective than others. Even though they are not typically attracted by the ultraviolet light, they will get curious and make the mistake of getting too close. What happens is that the electricity deprives them of their existence.

To conclude, you should never purchase an electric bug zapper without knowing all the details. Read consumer reviews to get an idea of the effectiveness of the product and ask for additional details. The last thing you should do is buy the first insect repellent that you find.

Steve Volk