Every parent’s guide to raising a happy and successful child

Every parent’s guide to raising a happy and successful child


Whoever compared parenting with a second job or with a marathon knew that children are sweet little angels and weeping demons at the same time. Somehow, kids have the ability of experiencing all the possible feelings in the world in just one day: excitement, shyness, fear, embarrassment, happiness, anger, confusion, sleepiness and so on. Therefore, what type of attitude should you as a parent adopt in such situation? You do your best to fulfill all your duties and provide everything that your kid needs, but as much as you try, sometimes you lose your temper. Do not worry; you are a human being and if you shout at your child without even realizing, you do not have to blame yourself. Instead, you should use it as a bad example to teach your little one a lesson: that you do not have to raise the tone of your voice in order to prove your point, but to bring an excellent argument in your favor.

Affectionate gestures make your kid happy every single day

You do not have to keep track of all the good and the bad things you do as a parent because it does not matter. As long as you teach him the importance of gratitude and responsibility, pay attention to his needs, ask his opinion or help on things, focus on his physical health, encourage creative play and leave him enough space to become independent, you are doing a great job. Do not think about the fact that you were not able to organize a pompous party for his birthday this year, think about the moment when you bought the most realistic t rex costume and kept it on for hours on the hottest summer day just to make him laugh and nourish his passion for dinosaurs. These special gestures show the endless love you feel for your little one. You deserve respect because you do not wait for your kid’s birthday to give him something special. Instead, you seize every opportunity available to surprise him with an unexpected gift and witness his adorable laugh.

Teach him important lessons that he will use in life

Nevertheless, make sure that you do not reach the other extreme, namely raising a whimsical child incapable of making decisions on his own. You care about his happiness, but you also want him to achieve professional success. First, ensure a positive environment where he feels confident enough to express his thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, he will become introvert and never dare to rise above his fails and overcome obstacles. Let him know that you value his opinion in order to boost his self-esteem. Secondly, since you practically represent the biggest influence on his moral development, become his model of integrity and success. Furthermore, if your kid does something good, applaud his achievement. Teach him that taking risks sometimes proves to be the wisest decision for reaching your objective. Finally yet importantly, allow him to play and engage in various group activities because it is crucial fro brain development.

Steve Volk