Family pool safety tips that you can’t miss

Family pool safety tips that you can’t miss

The summer season is near, so you must prepare your pool for all the parties that are about to come. Backyard pools are pretty difficult to maintain safe and in good condition during the whole year. This is why you might need to make certain investments that improve your pool safety, such as fences, water-resistant cell-phones, safety covers and so on. This article will present some tips that will help you ensure maximum safety around your pool. Your family is going to be safe at all times if you respect these few requirements.

Install a fence  

First of all, go ahead and look for pool fencing. This way, you will keep people out of your pool’s area when you are not around. You should look for a pool guard website where many products are listed. You will surely find one that suits your pool’s size and shape. Don’t worry about pricing either – it’s a one-time upgrade that will last for years. Most communities require fencing by law, and if that’s your case – get informed about the requirements for height and sizing. The regulations differ from one region to another.

The don’ts around the pool

There are some things that you must avoid at all costs when using the pool. You must share these rules with your family and make sure that they respect them as well. The first rule would be avoiding swimming on your own. You never know what can happen when you use a pool on your own, and having someone around to act if things go wrong is paramount. Pay tremendous attention to children.

They can’t be left unattended at any cost. The numbers are scary and you should keep them in mind whenever you throw a pool party where children are invited. 75% of drowning victims were out of sights for less than 5 minutes, so your attention must be distributed carefully. Alcohol should be kept away at all costs. Even though it’s called a party, drinking alcohol around pools is not allowed. Being drunk and swimming don’t mix at all and can lead to serious consequences. Also, running around the pool is not allowed either, especially for children that can easily slip and fall into the water. Glass or sharp objects must be kept away from the pool. Use plastic cups instead of glass ones and ask your children to keep toys away from the pool. Only inflatable toys are allowed in the water.

Additional precautions

Moreover, don’t forget to remove vegetation around the pool margins, any tables that are too close to the pool and any other item that may interfere with swimming or lead to an accident. Teach yourself basic CPR for crisis situations and have a water-proof cell around the pool to call emergency numbers if something goes off. It’s best to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure pool safety. After you are done, use your pool safety covers and close the fence’s gate. Set up alarms in the pool area as well.

Steve Volk