Fascinating things you need to know about drinking scotch

Fascinating things you need to know about drinking scotch


What do you think that men drink when they are out on a casual night with friends? Scotch, of course. You’re not likely to see men drinking anything else. Why? Because scotch coats the tongue, being a real treat for those who have a sense of taste. Nothing can be compared to the mildly sensation of this spiritus frumenti.  Maybe you’re new to this world. Who can blame you taking into account that scotch is such a difficult drink to comprehend? If you want to find out everything there is to know about drinking scotch.

The difference between scotch and whiskey

Many people aren’t able to tell the difference between scotch and whiskey. The thing is that there is no great distinction between the two. Scotch basically refers to the whiskey that is manufactured in Scotland. Whiskey, on the other hand, is a term most commonly used in the US. Kentucky is the place where this miraculous liquor is made. Is there any other difference between the alcoholic beverages? Yes, there are also the ingredients. Scotch is made from malted barley. If you purchase discount scotch, you’ll see other ingredients on the label. Whiskey is made from corn. Do you see why they are so different?

It’s better with a splash of water

Mixing alcohol with, say, fruit juice is a common practice. Women mostly do this to decrease the intensity of the alcohol. But not men. They prefer to drink the liquor as it is. If you want to drink scotch, you mightn’t want to follow their example. A little splash of water makes the beverage even better. What the water does is suppress the alcohol and enhance the flavor.  What you need to understand is that scotch whiskey tastes better with water. A splash of mineral water is enough to improve the strength of the drink.

Older scotch isn’t better scotch

You don’t have to be an expert to know that aging changes wine, in a positive way, of course. What happens is that the amount of alcohol becomes more pronounced, but so do the flavors. It’s tempting to think that the same thing happens with scotch. The truth is that older scotch isn’t better scotch. If you happen to have a bottle lying around the house for some years, don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s better because it isn’t. The refresher is just as good as when you bought or received it.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that older whiskey can’t be better. It’s just that it depends on several factors, like the maturation cask or how the liquid interacts with the environment.

Don’t add ice

Ice is added to refreshments for the chilling benefit. What many people don’t realize though is that it can have the opposite effect. Even if your drink is chilly, you won’t be able to feel the flavors. So, opt for rocks instead. Serving scotch on the rocks is the best thing that you can do. the flavors and aromas that you’ll enjoy will be absolutely delicious.

Steve Volk