Filling for divorce: how will it affect your kids?

Filling for divorce: how will it affect your kids?


It does not matter the age of your child; a divorce has the same negative effects on a nine year old or a thirteen year old. Whether one of the parents decides to leave the marriage or they both agree upon separating, kids are the ones who become victims of this unfortunate event because it announces a massive change that will not necessarily benefit them. The can only see divorce as a bad thing because it separates their mom from their dad, thus destroying the happiness of the family. They cannot understand that filling for divorce might help both of their parents by giving them much-needed freedom and independency without affecting their feelings for them. They start blaming at least one of the parents because they believe that he abandoned them willingly. Calming a child’s mind in such a situation seems difficult, but it is not impossible.

How divorce affects kids on the short term

When going through divorce, apart from the legal things and finding the best Las Vegas divorce attorney you should also pay attention to your child because you will notice changes in his attitude towards you and your ex spouse and these represent hints  that he needs your presence the most. This article has the purpose to reveal the impact divorce can have on your children both on the short and on the long term. Read it carefully so you can read the signs when necessary. Starting with the short-term negative effects, right after you kid realizes the separation he might become nervous and tense. This applies particularly to those with the age of eight or nine because they are more vulnerable and dependent on you. He might encounter difficulties concentrating or lose interest in different activities. Apart from these signs, he might also experience negative feelings including sadness, distress and irritability. If you do not engage in a conversation with your child letting him know that you still love him and that nothing will separate you from him, sadness might transform into depression, which represents a long-term effect of divorce so we will continue thins in the following paragraph.

How divorce affects kids on the long term

Even though you might not realize it then, after experiencing the short-term effects mentioned above, your kid will become prone to depression, poor education and relationships, behavioral problems, substance abuse and a low socio-economic position. Divorce should include only two people, namely the parents, but it actually takes a toll on their children. Once depression takes control over your kid, he will begin to spend more and more time alone, withdrawing from society. According to researchers, divorce can even lead to bipolar disorder in kids. Unfortunately, your child will not remain in his room far away from everything because he wants to focus on studying. In fact, you will notice a significant change in his grades and school performance. He might even hurt his classmates or friends. If you want a bright future for your kid, keep him away of all the chaos caused by a divorce.

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