Find how to help a sex addict

Find how to help a sex addict

If you know a sex addict, then you know that it is the type of person, who has sex without thinking at the potential consequences. The majority of sex addicts use it as a way to solve a problem when they suffer from loneliness, anxiety and other similar forms of stress. For a sex addict to be diagnosed, the cycle has to last at least 6 months. If it were to take a look at the statistics, there are millions of sex addicts in every state. But they are lucky, because as any other addiction, this one can be dealt with, through various ways. If you want to help a person who finds themselves in this situation, then you should check the following lines.

You should understand the sexual compulsion

If you want to help them deal with this issue, then you should try to understand what sexual compulsion implies. Nymphomania, compulsive sexual behaviour or hyper sexuality is a state a person experiences when they are obsessed with sexual activities, and their feelings and thoughts interfere with their health, work, relationships and other activities. There are times when this behaviour leads to enjoyable and healthy activities. But there are cases when the disorder leads to abnormal sexual activity and it involves fantasies that can be considered illegal or immoral. It does not matter what type of obsession the person you know experiences, it can ruin their life, so it is advisable to get in touch with a sex addiction counsellor in Canterbury.

How can you tell if a person is sex addicted

Few people can diagnose a sex addiction. It is quite difficult to do it, because the majority of people use this term to define different types of sex activities. This is the main reason why you should contact a specialist from a Canterbury Healthcare centre, if you have the suspicion that someone you know deals with this issue. The professional will be able to identify the right diagnosis, by excluding other factors. Some conditions can cause reactions similar to nymphomania, as mental health issues and drug abuse. The bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can cause a similar behaviour, so you should not try to diagnose a person by yourself.

How can you recognize a sex addict?

There is not a clear answer on how to diagnose a sex addict. This disorder has many symptoms associated, and people find difficult to accept that one of their loved ones is dealing with such an issue. Some of the signs that your loved one is a sex addict are:

  • They are driven for abnormal sexual activities
  • They have intense sexual feelings
  • They have difficulties in building an emotional connection with a person
  • They consider sex as an escape method from their problems
  • They do not take into consideration the consequences of their sexual activities

As stated before sexual addictions has different forms and degrees, and in some situations, you can discern only some of the above signs. Seek assistance if you think that one of your loved ones is dealing with this issue.

Steve Volk