Golf GPS watch buying guide

Golf GPS watch buying guide

GPS technology has long been present in the world of sports, being incredibly useful for athletes who needed to monitor their blood pressure or heart-rate. In time, GPS technology has been slowly but surely integrated into all facets of sports. Probably the clearest example is represented by golf. The golf GPS does all the hard work, meaning that it provides the distance to the target. And the good news is that GPs technology is wearable as well, being ideal for a quick and easy glance. GPS golf watches are unlike rangefinders in the sense that they are more convenient and they don’t even have to be manipulated. If you are interested in pricing information, then make sure to visit Considering that there are other brands besides Bushnell, the choice may not be so simple. What you should you look for in a golf GPS watch anyway?


Since golf courses are huge and almost impossible to see, you will need a little help with your game. If you are interested in reducing your handicap, then a golf GPS watch may be the answer to your problems. The only issue is that some devices can be expensive, reason why you should take into consideration your budget when you go shopping for one. If you are a professional golfer, then four hundred dollars is rather an investment than an expense. However, if you only play golf for the fun of the game, then you may not be willing to pay such a high price. The main point is that there are devices for all types of budgets, the only difference being that they do not have the same features.

Features to look for

The fact is that the more you are willing to spend, the more you gain. A wearable device will not only help you make better decisions, but it offers unprecedented insights into your game. High-end devices come equipped with a number of features. For instance, a GPS device can provide you distance to the front, the center and the back of the green. It may also provide you with hazard information as well. The main point is that you need a watch that will help you play more intelligently, but that is not very confusing to use. Therefore, you should favor convenience over complex features such as tracking systems or mapping for international courses. Additionally, you should check the battery life so as to spare yourself of the headache of constantly charging the watch.

Accuracy in different weather conditions

While the distance covered by the golf GPS watch is important, so is the accuracy of the golfing device. There is no doubt that you will find on the market watches that cover from five thousand to one hundred yards, but you need to ensure that the device offers the same results under different weather conditions. Ideally, the gold GPS watch should allow you to play under any weather conditions without getting damaged. Even if the weather and the distance do not affect the performance of the watch, some devices may not run in all atmospheric conditions. You can test the accuracy of the device with large and reflective targets and once you are confident that the performance is optimal, you can make your purchase.


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