Have you thought what to talk with the realtor about?

Have you thought what to talk with the realtor about?



Selling a property is never an easy process. It is time consuming, emotional, complicated, but with the right realtor on your side, it is possible. The problem most clients face is having a complete, detailed, clear conversation with the realtor, explaining what the expectations are, financial and not only and how you think the process should develop. It may be true that a real estate specialist has considerably more experience in this matter than you, but at the end of the day, this is your property. It is only natural that you have a say in the matter. Wherever you might be selling your home, whether it is Paradise Valley or North Scottsdale, you need to structure the conversation in an appropriate manner and make sure that you discuss all the points that interest you. So, here are a few points to consider when having a discussion with your realtor about homes for sale in Silverleaf or any other location.

Make your financial expectations crystal clear

The financial aspect is not something you should be willing to negotiate from the very beginning. However, the realtor does have the right to know if the price is negotiable. Without knowing this detail, you could miss a great deal on your property. Always remember that you cannot make predictions on the real estate market, so it is best to play on the safe side. You might have more to gain if you decide to use this strategy, rather than hang on to a price that might not even be realistic.

Discuss presentation strategies

When selling a property, you must accept the fact that open houses are going to happen. You need to prepare for such events and you need to host them as best as possible. Still, you should talk to your realtor and decide on what kind of strategy you are willing to apply. This will most likely depend on the type of property you are selling. For instance, if it is a business center, then warm cookies and milk might not be an idea. Treats for guests need to exist, but it is best to choose them according to the people you are expecting.

Explain all special requests

Each property comes with a story and sometimes, owners want to respect certain parts of that story. So, certain requirements need to be met by the new inhabitants. When presenting the property, the realtor should be able to explain all the existing conditions. Also, he might advise you on whether establishing these requirements is a wise choice.

All discussions that are carried out between you and the realtor need to explain your expectation as best as possible. It is crucial that all these details are perfectly explained and that are no misunderstandings between the two of you. Remember that misunderstandings can affect the sale of your property. Keep things simple and clear and encourage discussions. Be as present as possible in the process and you will have only to gain.


Steve Volk