Healing your skin after addiction – beauty tips for recovering addicts

Healing your skin after addiction – beauty tips for recovering addicts

So after long and overwhelming efforts, you might have managed to finally give up on drug consumption and start pursuing a healthy and sober way of living. Perhaps you have understood the gravity of your problem and have resorted to holistic rehabs that treat addiction as a mental health problem, or you have accessed other solutions to remediate this problem. Regardless of what you have done to achieve sobriety, now you might be confronted with several concerns revolving around your post-recovery status. After a long time of illegal substance abuse, your appearance has probably been affected, and now you are dealing with various skin problems. Here are a few beauty tips that will help you in this department.

Combating acne

Acne is one of the first things that you will be faced with after starting to consume drugs. Your body will try to detox itself, and an acne breakout will be a natural reaction. While you are no longer taking harmful substances, treating this issue won’t be difficult. The key in this situation is to keep your skin clean at all times, while not rubbing or touching the acne spots. In case of major breakouts, it’s best if you pursue a professional treatment as well.


Dehydration is something any addict experience during their addiction period. This affects wellness on multiple levels, and the health and appearance of the skin is one of them. Although you might still be young of age, noticing wrinkles on your complexion is likely to happen. After your addiction healing at holistic treatment centers, you need to start prioritizing effective hydration for skin texture improvement. Start eating plenty of Omega 3 rich foods, take vitamin E supplements and use natural moisturizing products and you will prevent your wrinkles from becoming more accentuated and you;ll make your skin look more glowing.

Eczema patches and dry lips

From the same dehydration consideration mentioned above, eczema patches, flaky skin, chopped and dry lips are also things you might be facing at the moment. Besides increasing your daily water intake, exfoliate and moisturize your skin using high quality products that work on the skin texture in-depth. It’s recommended to choose options based on natural ingredients to avoid potential side effects.

After you have managed to reach sobriety and get the help needed to escape this life-threatening issues, you’ll start worrying about things that might not have seemed important until now, your appearance being one of them. Use these suggestions to your advantage and you’ll soon stop having issues or worries on the matter.

Steve Volk