How much should I invest in my looks?

How much should I invest in my looks?


We spend a lot of money on our appearance, but the question is: where do we tend to exaggerate? Of course, looks do matter, although we can be just as   showy while spending less. Figuring out how you should organize money when it comes to pieces of clothing, jewellery or such is not an easy thing to do, especially if you used to spend thousands on that bag you seen in a fashion runway show or that skirt you adored from the biggest shop in the mall. It is a habit that seems like it doesn’t have a cure, but it does. The solution is represented by understanding what the implications of your unthinking investments are. You should ask yourself some questions:


Is it worth it?

There are so many other things you can do with the money you spend on clothing. The only reason you could have for spending a lot on fashion items would be the immense satisfaction or joy you get while doing it. If that’s not the case, try looking for some other things you can invest into. We will discuss that later on. Usually, you spend money on fine Italian clothing? Well, there’s a solution for that. For example, haine second hand Italia offers you a large variety of second-hand clothes that could easily and successfully replace some items you spend fortunes on. It is not about how much you invest in clothing, but about style and personality. Fashion is about expressing yourself and that is exactly what you should do, especially considering that this is not something acquired through money or investment, but through passion and knowledge.  

Does somebody really notice?

Ask yourself if your investment actually attracts some eyes around you. Does your expensive clothing look different that the regular-priced one? Is there any difference between a well-dressed person and a brand-dressed person? Try figuring out what your priorities are and stop thinking about what others think. If you are spending money for the sake of the public, you should stop doing it because it is your life, your rules and ultimately, your looks.

Can I invest in something else that might be beneficial?

Think about all the saving you could make from not spending lots of money on clothing. You may already own numerous garments and another one won’t make a difference for the day after tomorrow, but a business investment might. You should try looking for real things you could invest into, where actual profit may occur. Therefore, you can basically win from just letting an addiction pass.  


Once you answered these, have you realised what are the ups and downs of your spending? Are you willing to make a change in your life? If so, you should start today. There is nothing wrong in not wearing the most expensive clothing items you can find in shops. On the contrary – you may be much more appreciated for your simplicity and ingenuity when it comes to clothing that you were before. Managing your income better will lead to great satisfaction.

Steve Volk