How to buy Thai groceries

How to buy Thai groceries


People from all over the world love Thai food. What makes this cuisine so fascinating is the mixture of all tastes, namely salty, sour, bitter, and sweet. It seems that no other place in the world manages to realise a combination of senses that works like Thailand. How do they do it? It’s safe to say that people don’t care. A great many Thai ingredients have tremendous health benefits. Did you know that Cayenne chilli pepper helps digestion? The best thing you can do is consume Thai ingredients. When it comes to actually buying Thai groceries, you might want to consider the following things.

Include these Thai groceries on your shopping list

If you’re in the market for Thai groceries, then you need to make sure that the following ingredients aren’t missing from your shopping list:

  • Jasmine rice. If you’re familiar with the Thai cuisine, chances are that you’ve heard about Jasmine rice. Just to refresh your memory, Jasmine rice is an aromatic type of rice, being preferred for its subtle aroma. Jasmine rice shouldn’t be confused with Basmati rice, which is specific to India and Pakistan. If you’re not in the mood for seafood dishes, you can use Jasmine rice for whatever you’re doing in the kitchen. It will give your meals a better aroma than Basmati rice.
  • Ginger. In Thai cuisine, ginger is used for the preparation of many dishes, like Gai Pad King. Ginger doesn’t have a subtle flavour. On the contrary, it’s quite spicy. You can add this spice to the Thai foods you’re making or traditional meals. Have you ever thought about adding ginger to Chicken Tikka Masala? Bet you haven’t.
  • Fish sauce. The one thing that shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen arsenal is fish sauce. Using fish sauce mayn’t sound tempting, but you don’t know just how aromatic the light brown liquid is. What it does is add unami, namely a savoury taste. If you want to get your hands on a bottle of fish sauce, go to Asian Foodie.               

Make sure the Thai groceries are fresh

Sure, you’ll find many Thai marketplaces, but this doesn’t mean that you should buy just from anywhere. What you need is guarantee that the ingredients that you’re purchasing are fresh. When you have the groceries in plain view, it’s easy for you to determine whether or not they’re fresh. However, if you lack time and decide to do some online shopping, the task is even more difficult. So, what do you do in this situation? You check the reputation of the seller. If everyone says that the products are fresh, then they must be fresh.

Finally yet importantly, it’s important to stock up on Thai groceries because there’s no way of knowing when you have the time to go shopping again. You can include as many ingredients as you want on the list, just ensure you really need them. There’s no point in buying say fish sauce if you’re not planning on using it at all in the near future.


Steve Volk