How to fit a woodburning stove in your living room

How to fit a woodburning stove in your living room

Making the decision of buying a woodburning stove means you will have to decide where you’d like to place it. Interior design is not exactly for everyone and you need some kind of information or guidance before attending to do it by yourself. It is not impossible anyway, meaning that you will surely be able to put something together in order to obtain the expected result. Woordburning stoves Wakefield are accessible and you can gather inspiration from the Internet of friends’ homes. Here are some ideas to make a stove look good while getting your house warm:

Match things up

First thing you will have to do is make sure the woodburning stove you are buying fits everything else in your home. You surely don’t want to change all the furniture around your house because you decided to buy a new item that’s both decorative and efficient. Stoves usually come in metals or neuter colours so it should be easy for you to fit it properly. A stove is the centre of attention in a room, not only because it offers that amazing atmosphere you are searching for in cold days, but also because it’s comfortable to sit around it and enjoy a cup of tea. Using stonework or tile around it to accentuate the impact it has on the room’s décor is ideal. Plus, you will have to think about safety too.

Keep it simple

If you are going to overdo the area around your stove you will obtain a mess. Putting random things together just for the sake of filling space is not recommended in any situation. You will have to keep it simple and well-proportioned. In case you desire to add art around it, and then make sure it is safe to place a painting above the stove you bought. Try not crowding the space too much, especially if you own a modern stove.

Traditional versus modern

There are two types of woodburning stoves you can go for in terms of appeareance: traditional and modern. Certain houses require a certain type of stove just because of their structure and style. You wouldn’t want to bring a modern stove to a house that has nice traditional touches whose ambiance would be destroyed by such item. In the opposite situation, a modern house will never be appropriate for a traditional stove that adds that nuance of vintage. Fit the stove with the surroundings and don’t change everything in your house just because you decided to buy a stove to warm up your house. Think wisely about this before making any decision.


This being said, after you correctly chose your woodburning stove, all you have to do is place it properly in the spot you pictured it and start adding the finishing touches to it. It’s not rocket science but it requires the eye of a creative person who knows how to put together some items when needed.


Steve Volk