Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Electric Shaver?

Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Electric Shaver?

Top of the line products tend to cost considerably more than most models, and this is due to a series of reasons which may include the fact that they have more features to offer, and that they are produced by manufacturers which have made a name for themselves for having high quality products. To make sure that it is worth investing in one of the finest electric razors, you should read the following lines to make the decision easier for yourself.

Fast shaving

The finest electric razors offer the user the advantage of choosing a dry shave, which can be a real time saver for those who are in a hurry and can’t afford to waste any time.
With dry shaving at your disposal, you can get a shave in a matter of minutes without needing anything else than the shaver itself to do it, meaning that you can shave even when you’re in the car on your way to work if time is really pressuring you.
After all, we need to be as efficient as we can to have free time on our hands in which we can enjoy different activities that relax us, and making any time consuming activity last less time than it normally does is nothing but a heaven sent for the people in this busy and chaotic generation.

Less irritation

Increased efficiency in electric shavers does wonders for your skin, because it means that you will be able to finish shaving with only a few strokes.
Insisting on certain areas of the face because the hair isn’t removed can irritate the skin, and the only way to avoid this annoying irritation is by going with a model that is placed higher on the price scale.
With electric shavers, as with most products out there, a bigger price implies a better quality, therefore you should invest in this important item if you want to have a quality shave that will improve your appearance and leave your skin unharmed.

Higher price, better features

The higher the price, the better the features, therefore you might want to think twice when you are tempted to buy a $30 electric shaver just for the sake of saving money, because once you will understand what a model that costs $300 dollars is able to do, you will see why it’s worth the money.
For example, higher priced models usually flex and pivot in more directions to give you a smooth and risk free shave, hugging the contour of your face and neck.
Other great features with which most expensive electric shavers come with are the fact that these models use special solutions to clean and sterilize themselves, they recharge themselves after every use, and they are able to lubricate and dry the shaver’s blade to give you a safer shave.


Our advice is to go ahead and pay the extra money on a high-end electric shaver, because it offers great quality, it’s definitely more durable than lower priced models, and after all, you are using it on your face, therefore you should go out of your way and spend some money on yourself, at least when it comes to the important products that you use very often.

Steve Volk

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