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4 benefits of dancing that you were not aware of

Dancing is perhaps one of the best ways to have fun and be active. People dance when they go to the club, they dance at parties and sometimes they dance while they are home alone. But dancing is more than a way to have fun. It can have tremendous benefits over your health and, according to Craig Revel Horwood, famous dancer and choreographer, it is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. But what other benefits does dancing have and how can you enjoy them all?

Becoming more aware of your body

When you dance, you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, otherwise you would trip and fall, or knock something over. At the same time, you need to be conscious about your body, the way you move and how much or how fast you can move, in order to not disturb those around you.

These skills can also be extremely benefic in your day to day life, allowing you to become aware of the way your body moves within a space. If you do this constantly, situations where you accidentally stretch your arms and knock something over will become fewer and fewer.

Improved memory

Dancing is much more than just moving around and burning calories. One of the first things that Craig Revel Horwood always tells his dance students is that learning some dance steps involves memorizing patterns, move sequences and training your mind to remember them. When you need to move different parts of your body at once, you also challenge your brain to stay focused. You need to remember to do one thing with your hands and another thing with your legs, which turns into a memory game that will help your mind stay sharp and aware through challenging situations.

It boosts confidence

One of the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about professional dancers, is that they always seem to have the best of time and a big smile on their face. This comes from the fact that they know what they are doing. Mastering a new skill gives you incredible confidence and it will show in every other aspect of your life. When you get to finally be able to do that move you have been practicing on for days or even weeks, nothing else happening can knock your confidence down.

It gives you a way to express yourself

Dancing therapy can help you control your emotions and give you a new way to express your feelings. When you’ve had a stressful period and you risk getting angry or react impulsively, 30 minutes of dancing can help you cool off and come out rejuvenated and calm.

Craig Revel Horwood, professional dancer, has said numerous times that dancing has helped him come with difficult periods in this life, as well as helped him express his freedom and happiness. Next time you have a bad day, take 30 minutes off and, instead of laying in bed and listening to sad songs, play your favorite dancing songs, turn the volume up and start dancing your heart out. You will see tremendous benefits.

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Signs you are dealing with sciatica

Sciatica is the name of the health problem you are experiencing if you feel pain along your sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve is one of the most complex nerves in your body, it starts in the spine, it passes through the buttock, and it continues down on your leg. Each of your legs has a sciatic nerve, and injuries can affect them.

But how do you know that you are dealing with sciatica? Well, most of the times the symptom is an unexpected pain you feel in your lower part of the body. You may feel like the pain comes out of nowhere, but this is exactly how sciatica acts.

Unless you haven’t read about sciatica before, you may have no idea what is happening to you. Sciatica is a condition that highly affects your overall health so you should make sure you treat it effectively before it influences your entire lifestyle.

The main signs you are dealing with sciatica are

You need to identify the main symptoms sciatica has because if you notice any of the following signs you need to consult a professional therapist to help you treat it.

  • Sciatica causes pain limited to a single leg, starting in the buttock and spreading on one side of your body.
  • You experience great pain or even numbness only in one buttock
  • You may even feel lower back pain
  • You can also feel an electric shock in one of your legs, from time to time, or you can have nerve needles, pins or tingling
  • It differentiates from other conditions because it’s accompanied by tingling, burning or even an acute prickling. Other conditions have as main symptom a dull ache.
  • Your affected leg is weaker than the other one and sometimes it even gives way when you stand up
  • Your pain gets milder when you lay in the bed, but it’s usually worse when you stand or sit

You can experience one of the above symptoms, or more of the signs. The specialists from recommend consulting an expert if you are dealing with the above symptoms for multiple days.

How should you deal with this condition?

Sometimes sciatica goes away on its own, but it’s advisable to see a physician if you are experiencing pain for more than a week. It’s important to know when to contact a doctor. Therefore, if you are experiencing muscle numbness, pain, leg numbness in your leg or lower back, or other severe symptoms that impend your daily activities you should reach a doctor to consult you. Also, it’s advisable to see a specialist if you are dealing with bowel or bladder issues because they are often connected with sciatica. When experiencing the above symptoms you shouldn’t wait a week, especially if they are severe. You should call the physician ASAP. These signs can often lead to permanent nerve damage, so it’s crucial to prevent it.

The physician will do a physical exam to check your reflex and muscle condition, and will perform multiple tests to determine how complex your problem is. According to the results, they will recommend treatment.

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Steps to prepare financially for retirement

Think that you are too young to start preparing financially for your retirement? Think again. After decades of working hard and saving, all of us want to be able to enjoy our retirement years without having to worry about financial troubles. Retirement planning and saving is a lifelong process and it can be both stressing and time-consuming when you don’t know where to start. Here are the best steps to guide you throughout the process of preparing financially for retirement.

Calculate your likely retirement income

The very first step that you need to take is to estimate your predictable income once you have reached retirement. The annual savings, expected rate of return and current age will have an impact on the monthly retirement income. If you find out that your possible retirement income will be less than what you may need to live a carefree retirement, you absolutely need to start saving more and planning more carefully.

Downsize your debt and maximize your income

Downsizing their debt doesn’t come as the first step to take to those who want to start planning and saving for their retirement. However, although it may not seem obvious, downsizing your debt will help you deal with less financial struggles during your retirement years. if you pay off your debt while you are still an employee, you will be able to invest your pension in your hobbies and everyday living expenses. Consider accelerating your mortgage payments so that the loan will be paid off before you retire. On the other hand, maximizing your income potential while you are still in the employment market is another great way to prepare for retirement. The more money you make, the more money you are able o save and contribute and expect a bigger rate of return.

Setup a self-managed superannuation fund

More and more people have decided to control their own australian super smsf as part of their retirement planning. Your self-managed super fund needs to be set up correctly so that it will be eligible for tax concessions and receiving contributions. If you want to take advantage of tax strategies, be in control over your investment decisions and over asset allocation, you should visit this website to find out more information and ask for professional help.

Continually look for new opportunities to save

The key to saving money is extremely simple, you only have to spend less than what you make. Even if you are in full-time employment and you still have a lot of time until you approach your retirement, saving a considerable amount of money each month is a great way to boost your private pension income. A huge amount of savings will help you supplement your retirement income to live a stress-free pension.

If you are asking yourself whether it is too early to start saving for your retirement, the answer is certainly no. The sooner you start planning and saving for retirement the fewer financial troubles you will face during your retirement years.

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Getting started in property investment – what should you know?

Investing in property is a great opportunity to accumulate wealth or ensure the financial security of your future through long term residual income. If you currently find yourself in a position that allows you to go on this path, researching the entire subject properly and reaching a few conclusions before actually taking action is recommended. There are a few things you need to focus on, in order to get started in property investment on the right foot. Here are your must-know insights:

Set realistic investment objectives

How much money can you actually afford to invest? Are you interested in fast growing capital, or you want to hold the property long term? These are questions you need to answer from the start, and your future decisions, when buying an investment property, should be based on those answers. All of the goals you set when starting out should be realistic ones. Taking into account important aspects, such as economic times, renovation costs and undoing ownership costs is necessary if you want to make advantageous decisions for your future as an investor.

Property selection

Property selection might not seem like such a complicated task at first. However, a property investment purchase is different from the process of buying a residence, and there are multiple factors that should be analysed, factors you might not be entirely familiar with. Those who are just starting out in this area are usually advised to collaborate with professional advisors who can provide useful pointers. With an expert by your side, you can be certain you are spending money on a property type that actually has potential.

Finance structuring strategy

Finance structuring is another essential step in your general investment strategy. There are various details you might not currently know about, but could influence your status as an investment property owner. Just jumping right in, before creating an adequate finance structuring plan and doing thorough due diligence could lead to disastrous outcomes. Whether you seek support in this department from a specialized company, such as VSMA, or you research everything on your own, take your time, and tailor your finance structuring strategy to your exact needs and possibilities.  

Taxation and insurance

Don’t forget about the taxation and insurance expenses that will arise once you get a hold of a new property. Keeping up with tax requirements will prevent you from dealing with inconveniences, and the right insurance policy will protect you against potential financial losses. Decide on the best approach here, and handle each implication by the book.

Becoming a property investor might seems to be quite promising at the time, considering the financial prospects involved. However, in order to reach success, making advantageous decisions is crucial, and as a novice, you will need to benefit from a bit of support. In order to pursue the right course of action, make the most of these few suggestions. From adopting an appropriate investment strategy with the help of professionals, to maintaining realistic goals, each one of these guidelines should be considered from the start.

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3 ways to spice up a long-term relationship

It is reassuring to have someone you can always count on. When you are in a long-term relationship, you do not have to second-guess your partner’s commitment to you. You can always look to them for backup, no matter what. However, this is not the best possible thing of being in a long-lasting relationship. You are with someone that encourages you to be the best version of yourself every single day. Inevitably, every couple goes through difficult phases. For example, there are times when the spark will fade a little bit. When this happens, you have to get back on track and make the other person feel endless butterflies. If your relationship requires a boost, try one of the following hacks.

Put down the phone

So, you use your phone several times a day. You do not want to spend a great deal of time on the device, but it is necessary to check and respond to emails. When you are together with your other half, put the phone down. It will do you good to unplug from technology every once in a while. You cannot spend the entire day without the smartphone, yet you can survive without it for a few hours. Avoid the temptation of sending texts or signing into your social media accounts. Now, you have to focus your attention on strengthening intimacy in your relationship.

Keep it fresh by trying new things

Nobody has the secret to the perfect relationship. Couples everywhere are trying to make it work. They have understood that a happy and successful relationship requires a little bit of effort. Trying new things with your partner can be at the same time fun and rewarding. When was the last time the two of you did something new? If you cannot answer the question, chances are that it has been a long time. Use an AUTOBLOW 2+ XT or reimagine your first date. New activities are not only enjoyable, but also they bring the two of you together. Engage in things to become more intimate and increase the odds of your relationship succeeding. Create surprises that will make your significant other happy. It is important to get out of the routine.

Make yourself look and feel more attractive

It is really nice that you can wear anything when you are with your significant other. You can pull out the most comfortable piece of clothing and, generally, wear items that you actually want to wear. After all, you are not going out any time soon. Your other half may approve of your choices, but that does not mean that they are excited when they see you hanging out in your sweatpants. What you wear has a significant impact on the way your partner perceives you. Your significant other will think that you are beautiful no matter what. However, you have to make an effort and start dressing up again for them. You have to make your significant other want you every day. Put simply, you have to be willing to put in the effort. Wear something different this weekend. Make yourself look and feel attractive.

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How to earn passive income as a student

The thought of making money while you are studying seems impossible. You aspire to do something great with your life and you do not want to get a job. This will not leave you enough time to study or do anything else, for that matter. There is nothing that you would like more than to complete the MDU4004 application and taking advantage of the practical shadowing experience. The truth is that studying and working full time is not an option. The good news is that you can make money. More specifically, you can earn passive income. Are you interested in this topic of conversation? If the answer is yes, continue reading.

Open an e-commerce shop

It is not possible to make money while you sleep. No, but you can earn a steady cash flow without too much difficulty. Here is an idea: open an online shop. Besides the fact that you have global access, you can manage your business from just about everywhere. Setting up an e-commerce business is simpler than you think. All you have to do is find a suitable product, create a website for it and start marketing. Sure, you do not have all the time in the world, as you have to go to class and do assignments, but you can surely set aside some time for this. Once you are online, you will wish that you started earlier. In the beginning, you will not have any idea what you are doing. Yet, with time, you will become a real businessperson.

Write, write, write

The writing that is required in college is highly different from the writing that is required for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, if you are good with words, you can manage to write successful articles. Writing is yet another great way to earn passive income. Writing is a competency that is useful in any area of activity. If you are more into literature, write short stories or book reviews. It is essential to do something that you like, but do not ignore the fact that marketing brings in loads of cash. Determine how much free time you have and start writing. This is one of the most entertaining ways of making money.

Rent your things

The things that are in your possession can make you money. If you rent them out, you will not have to worry about money. You can, for instance, rent your dorm room when you are away for the weekend. If you go to visit your family, find a tenant. It is not necessary to make the matter legal. If the campus allows it, that is even better. Companies like Uber make a lot of money by offering rental options. If you are willing to rent your car for the day, you can make passive income. Okay, maybe the idea of handing over the car keys to someone you barely know is not tempting at all. Become a chauffeur. This way, you will not have to worry about your precious automobile.

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Becoming the star student

Attending university is the next step after high school. Statistics say that pursuing higher education increases earning potential and offers better job security. It does not matter why you decided to apply. What matters is that you become the best. It is important to have good grades and have your achievements recognized by everyone. Being a student is one thing. Being the best student is another. You have to make an effort. If you are determined to make it in university, you will have to learn how to manage in the competitive environment. The following tips will surely come in handy.

Take part in class discussions

Teachers are facilitators in the sense that they enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Therefore, professors encourage students to speak up in class. If there is a discussion going on about the strain of steel and aluminum, make sure to participate. It is not enough to sit and listen if you are taking an introductory course to solid mechanics like TAM 251. Star students voice their opinions and make teachers proud of them. The discussions are accessible, so you should not be afraid of making yourself heard. You do not have to dominate the discussion. However, it is a good idea to be active during the course.

Share the reading workload

In university, the reading materials are hard. What is more, you are not able to pick and choose. The readings are assigned to each and every student, meaning that they are mandatory. Since you are paying, it is not possible to neglect your studies. Okay, maybe you were not planning to. But you did not think about sharing the reading workload with your colleagues. Consider being generous for a change. Do not let those piles of papers sit on the desk for too long. Get in touch with friends and try to come up with a reading schedule. You will be able to exchange notes and opinions, which is important to say the least.

Meet with your teacher      

Professors are available to students. Educators are more than willing to offer additional explanations and help students get on the road to academic success. you might want to arrange a meeting with your teacher. If you study solid mechanics, you will definitely need the help. Young people with a keen interest in solid mechanics are always welcomed. You will be able to solve your most pressing challenges. Spending time with your teacher does not make you an annoying student. You are not receiving preferential treatment. What you are simply doing is making proof of initiative and interest.


If you really want to be the star student, you should start meditating. Surprising as it may seem, meditation is helpful. Meditation will improve your life and your academic performance. meditating eliminates anxiety, makes it possible for you to relax, and do better in university. It is important to practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and work on your poses. You will not regret it.

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Mommy-and-Me workouts that will help you lose weight rapidly

Becoming a mother means giving up almost all of your free time. As a new mom, you will spend hours and hours each day with your children. Because pregnancies come with a few extra kilos, women need to invest at least one hour each day into exercising. That is pretty tricky considering how much time your child requires from you. One way to combine both of these activities would be following a Mommy-and-Me workout. This type of workout involves holding your baby while you perform the exercises. Follow these tips to lose weight while spending time with your little one:


First of all, you should only start working out once you have your doctor’s approval. Depending on how long it has passed since you gave birth, you may or may not be able to work out just yet. If you are allowed to workout, only choose exercises that are easy to medium to perform. Always perform a warm-up before the workout.

Insist on your arms and shoulders, as you will hold your baby and they might get sore very quickly. It is also important to perform the exercises correctly to protect your spine and back muscles. Be careful – Mommy-and-Me exercises can only be performed with children who are able to hold their heads up. It is recommended to perform such workouts with children over 3-4 months old.

Dancing workouts

If you want to start with a light workout that is also relaxing and fun for the baby, you can try a dancing workout. Dancing workouts are cardio ones and they involve all muscles in the body. Your goal is to sweat as much as possible while holding your baby in your arms. Dancing elevates your mood while soothing your baby. To also use your arms during the workout, you can wear a front carrier. Choose your favorite music and have fun while burning some calories. You might find more information about fun exercises to try with your child on this complete parenting blog, called Pink Mole.

Use your baby’s weight

If you are fully ready to workout and you want to target certain areas of your body, you can perform certain exercises that will definitely get you sore. Holding your baby will represent the weight you carry, just as in the case of dumbbells. Pay tremendous attention to your posture so that you don’t hurt your back. 

  • Curl-ups

Curl-ups are great for sculpting your abs. Lie down on your mat with your knees up and bent. Place your little one on your belly and hold him with your hands. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders as you curl towards your child. Do this slowly and repeatedly.

  • Walking lunges

To target your entire legs and buttocks, you should perform walking lunges. They are performed just the way regular ones are, the only difference being that you hold your baby close to your chest. Keep your back straight and bend your front leg at 90 degrees. Continue walking around the house, bending your legs and you will definitely feel sore in the morning. 

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Nick Haque talks about the dining etiquette rules you need to follow

It is not every day that you get the chance to dine out, so you might as well take advantage of it. You are hungry anyway and there is no reason to slave in the kitchen. There are quite a few outstanding places to eat from which you can choose, just so you know. Fine dining restaurants may not all be the same but they do have one thing in common: they cater to upscale clientele and provide high quality cuisine.

It is true that dining out has become more casual, yet that does not mean that you can do what you like. It is important to behave in an appropriate way. Individuals like Nick Haque do their best to offer first-class delicacies and you have to be on your best behavior. Eating out is a tricky business. Fortunately, Nick Haque will teach you how to be a polite guest. Please continue reading to learn how to master the art of dining.

Turn off your cell phone  

So, you want to experience contemporary Japanese dining. As you can imagine, you are not the only one. Lots and lots of people have a passion for Japanese cuisine, as it is incredibly delicious and so dissimilar to what they have eaten. The amount of individuals willing to dine out is impressive. It is not acceptable to ruin everybody else’s meal. In this sense, it is necessary to keep your cell phone turned off.

Mobile phones should be banned from restaurants, but they are not, regrettably. Noise ruins the hospitality. Understand that it is rude to talk on the phone or text when you are in a fine dining establishment. Others should be able to enjoy their meals. It is impossible to do that when someone is having a loud conversation. Make sure that others do not lose their appetite because of you.

Avoid talking with your mouth full

Have you ever been guilty of talking with your mouth full? If the answer is yes, you should be ashamed of yourself. Besides the fact that you can get food onto your listener’s face, it is downright rude. Wait before swallowing and say what you have to say. There is no rush. And nobody wants to see your food. Remember that you are in an exquisite place.

Know what utensils to use

Let us say that you are spending the evening at Koi. You are keen to enjoy Western flavors and booked your reservation in advance to ensure that your spot is guaranteed. However, when you get there, you realize that you do not know how to use the utensils. In this case, the chopsticks. You cannot seem to balance them on your fingers. Eating with chopsticks is not that difficult and using them incorrectly demonstrates bad manners.

Maybe you are not dining out at a restaurant that serves Japanese dishes. It does not matter. You have to become familiar with the utensils. Keep in mind that it is necessary to start from the outside and work your way to the inside. Do not use them for gesturing.

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Anxious Dogs: Help Them Manage Separation Anxiety and Other Distressful Scenarios

Dogs also experience anxiety and there are many scenarios that may cause distress to your pet. We all know it: dogs are terrified during thunderstorms, the 4th of July fireworks make them tremble and so on. When such events occur, dogs are more likely to try to escape the safe indoor space and run away. Others might feel the need to hide in a dark, quiet space. But one major source of distress for dogs is separation anxiety. However, below we will discuss some of the dogs’ most common fears and how to help them overcome those.

The most common fears in dogs

As previously mentioned, separation anxiety is the most common that dog behaviour experts see in canines. This phenomenon occurs when the dog is hyper-attached to the owner and can’t manage their feelings when the owners are not around. Second come aggression issues, but these are once again deeply rooted in a dog’s fears, insecurities and anxieties.

In most of the cases, dogs that show aggressive behaviours are labelled as dominant dogs, when, in fact, they are feeling scared in most of the case. Aggression is a defensive pattern that has been misinterpreted as dominant behaviour by humans. A good solution to calm down your companion would be to offer them some CDB dog treats that will help them relax. This will most likely help you help them eliminate aggression and anxiety, but for more information on the topic, click here.

Are some dog breeds more likely to develop fears and anxieties?

Certain dog breeds are more sensitive to environmental stressors thus, more likely to develop fears and anxieties. For instance, border collies, are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings, especially sounds. The same goes for German shepherds. These two breeds, in particular, can be predisposed to experience a number of fears and anxieties. Regardless, all dogs can develop any sort of phobias and anxieties, regardless of their breed. Each dog’s upbringing and predisposition will play a big part in this.

The best approach to clam down your dog or treat their fears

Many dog owners wonder if they should ignore or comfort their dog when in distress. This depends on the fear and on each dog. We established below that offering them some CDB treats is the best approach. This way, you will avoid reinforcing their fear each time when you comfort them. You want to be moderate when it comes to cuddles and pets when they are in distress. Instead, use a reassuring voice to let them know that you are present and with them throughout their episode.

No matter what is the cause for your dog’s fears and anxieties, try to implement some relaxing strategies, including the treats all pet owners are raving right know. They will help your pet relax, eliminate anguish and fears and help them become more independent and less sensitive to various stressors, be those sharp sounds, changes in the air pressure or unnatural lights. This may be the best solution for many pet owners to reinforce a good and positive behaviour in their dogs.


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How to find enough money to start your own small business

If you have found a fantastic business idea which you think is going to be a huge success but whether you do not have money at all to invest in it or you have just a small amount of money from the investment which you need to make, it is definitely a stressful dilemma to find the best solution to find the necessary money to start working hard in opening your own business. Being limited to a strict budget or no budget at all is definitely not going to take you on the top of the market but giving up should also not be an option if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. So, you need to find a strong motivation and not allow the challenges each entrepreneur comes across at the beginning and do your best to find the best solution for getting money for the business you are planning to open.

Start saving

If the business idea which you have in mind and think about investing in is not putting you under the pressure of time and you are a patient person who can wait for a better opportunity, you could postpone the  moment of opening your own business and start saving as much money as possible until you have the right amount of money to start investing in your business. However, you need to take into consideration the fact that while you are still saving for opening your business, someone who already has the right budget could think about the same business idea and invest in it which would make it more difficult for you to successfully enter the market.   

Get a homeowner loan

If you wish to find the money you need to open your own business you might also want to consider a homeowner loan as another available option. If you already own a property, getting a homeowner loan to borrow money to invest in your business idea should not be such a complicated process. However, if you have already tried this option but you have been refused credit in the past, you need to understand why you have been refused and try to fix the problem if it is possible, if not, you should definitely wait more time and not apply immediately after getting a refuse because this might make the lenders think that you are desperate to get cash which can look bad on your credit file and cause you some problems of getting a credit in the future as well.

Ask your friends and family members for help

Surely, it is not such a pleasant idea to ask your loved ones for help because you wish to be an independent entrepreneur and prove that you can do it on your own. However, you need to be aware of the fact that our loved ones are always willing to help us in our hardest moments to give us the right support until we reach success. So, there is no shame in asking your family members or friends to borrow you the amount of money you need to achieve your goal of opening your own business.


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Selecting a Storage Unit Is Not That Hard

A storage unit is one of the best places to store odds and ends that cannot be stored at home or in your business place. If your home is packed to the brim and you want to free some space, the storage unit is one of the best solutions to the problem. You can remove some of those things that you are not using often and store them up at the storage unit. A public storage El Segundo is the best place to consider if you reside in this town and you need to stow away certain items that are occupying space to no benefit in your home.  If you are confused about how to find the right storage space for you, the hints provided in this write-up will guide you and make the prices easy for you.

Go local

When searching for a storage unit for any purpose, it is always better to limit your search to your locality. The local ones are easier to investigate compared to those located far. You will also not have to spend a lot of money to transport the items to be stored in the storage unit when you deal locally.  Local storage units also tend to be more affordable than those located far away. Dealing locally helps you to compare the various available facilities for public storage el Segundo so that you can go for one that perfectly suits your need in the locality

Determine what you need

Before you go in search of a facility for public storage El Segundo, first determine the number of items you want to store up in the facility. This will determine what size to rent.  The type of item you want to store up in the storage unit can also determine the level of security or protection to consider.

If you are going to store precious items, then, you should closely consider how much security that outlet can offer.  Does the place have a storage gate? Is it well fenced around?  Does it have electronic key codes for entry and exit? What of video surveillance?  If anyone ever intrudes on the property, the video records can pick out the intruder easily.  Furthermore, find out if there are human security personnel within the premises 24/7 since the physical presence can discourage potential intruders.           


The points mentioned above can help you locate that perfectly suitable facility for public storage El Segundo.  You can compare as many of them as possible and go for the most affordable storage facility among them.      

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Family pool safety tips that you can’t miss

The summer season is near, so you must prepare your pool for all the parties that are about to come. Backyard pools are pretty difficult to maintain safe and in good condition during the whole year. This is why you might need to make certain investments that improve your pool safety, such as fences, water-resistant cell-phones, safety covers and so on. This article will present some tips that will help you ensure maximum safety around your pool. Your family is going to be safe at all times if you respect these few requirements.

Install a fence  

First of all, go ahead and look for pool fencing. This way, you will keep people out of your pool’s area when you are not around. You should look for a pool guard website where many products are listed. You will surely find one that suits your pool’s size and shape. Don’t worry about pricing either – it’s a one-time upgrade that will last for years. Most communities require fencing by law, and if that’s your case – get informed about the requirements for height and sizing. The regulations differ from one region to another.

The don’ts around the pool

There are some things that you must avoid at all costs when using the pool. You must share these rules with your family and make sure that they respect them as well. The first rule would be avoiding swimming on your own. You never know what can happen when you use a pool on your own, and having someone around to act if things go wrong is paramount. Pay tremendous attention to children.

They can’t be left unattended at any cost. The numbers are scary and you should keep them in mind whenever you throw a pool party where children are invited. 75% of drowning victims were out of sights for less than 5 minutes, so your attention must be distributed carefully. Alcohol should be kept away at all costs. Even though it’s called a party, drinking alcohol around pools is not allowed. Being drunk and swimming don’t mix at all and can lead to serious consequences. Also, running around the pool is not allowed either, especially for children that can easily slip and fall into the water. Glass or sharp objects must be kept away from the pool. Use plastic cups instead of glass ones and ask your children to keep toys away from the pool. Only inflatable toys are allowed in the water.

Additional precautions

Moreover, don’t forget to remove vegetation around the pool margins, any tables that are too close to the pool and any other item that may interfere with swimming or lead to an accident. Teach yourself basic CPR for crisis situations and have a water-proof cell around the pool to call emergency numbers if something goes off. It’s best to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure pool safety. After you are done, use your pool safety covers and close the fence’s gate. Set up alarms in the pool area as well.

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Your body image perception is related to your mental health – see how

Since people are in direct contact with social media and the Internet almost on a daily basis, they tend to be influenced by what media delivers to them. In most cases, media promoted body image over anything else, and that leads to frustration. Women often try to obtain the look of the celebrities or models they see in fashion magazines, and that’s how mental health issues begin to appear into their lives. At first, it sounds like a problem that doesn’t deserve that much attention, until people realize that these unattainable expectations make their self-esteem inexistent. Their quality of life suddenly lowers and the effects become visible.

The infinite loop between mental health, body image and self-esteem

There are two main situations: when you have a positive image about yourself and your self-esteem versus when you have a poor image about these. The first situation leads to an overall good mental health and keeps you away from depressions and anxiety. The second one leads to an overall poor mental health condition that may lead to multiple issues. Here’s how the three factors influence each other:

·        CASE 1

When you are comfortable with the way you look, you respect your bodily needs and you are aware that you can’t change this detail in your life, your self-esteem will be instantly boosted. You’ll start feeling more confident, more capable and have realistic expectations from your body. This, of course, results in a great mental health. You’ll deal easier with difficult situations in your life, you can handle disappointments and rejection the right way, you accept the fact that you are not 100% perfect and that no one is and you understand that frustrations can affect your relationships.

·        CASE 2

When you don’t like the way you look, you constantly compare yourself to others, you consider that there’s something wrong with your body and you don’t nurture it as it deserves, your self-esteem goes down. You’ll feel like you’re not good enough, that other people will always outrun you and that you are not allowed to do some things because of your aspect. This leads to a poor mental health, meaning that you can develop depression or other diseases. Models often develop anorexia or bulimia because they can’t fulfill all the unrealistic expectations. They don’t care for their bodies the way they should and that reflects in their mental health as well.





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Healing your skin after addiction – beauty tips for recovering addicts

So after long and overwhelming efforts, you might have managed to finally give up on drug consumption and start pursuing a healthy and sober way of living. Perhaps you have understood the gravity of your problem and have resorted to holistic rehabs that treat addiction as a mental health problem, or you have accessed other solutions to remediate this problem. Regardless of what you have done to achieve sobriety, now you might be confronted with several concerns revolving around your post-recovery status. After a long time of illegal substance abuse, your appearance has probably been affected, and now you are dealing with various skin problems. Here are a few beauty tips that will help you in this department.

Combating acne

Acne is one of the first things that you will be faced with after starting to consume drugs. Your body will try to detox itself, and an acne breakout will be a natural reaction. While you are no longer taking harmful substances, treating this issue won’t be difficult. The key in this situation is to keep your skin clean at all times, while not rubbing or touching the acne spots. In case of major breakouts, it’s best if you pursue a professional treatment as well.


Dehydration is something any addict experience during their addiction period. This affects wellness on multiple levels, and the health and appearance of the skin is one of them. Although you might still be young of age, noticing wrinkles on your complexion is likely to happen. After your addiction healing at holistic treatment centers, you need to start prioritizing effective hydration for skin texture improvement. Start eating plenty of Omega 3 rich foods, take vitamin E supplements and use natural moisturizing products and you will prevent your wrinkles from becoming more accentuated and you;ll make your skin look more glowing.

Eczema patches and dry lips

From the same dehydration consideration mentioned above, eczema patches, flaky skin, chopped and dry lips are also things you might be facing at the moment. Besides increasing your daily water intake, exfoliate and moisturize your skin using high quality products that work on the skin texture in-depth. It’s recommended to choose options based on natural ingredients to avoid potential side effects.

After you have managed to reach sobriety and get the help needed to escape this life-threatening issues, you’ll start worrying about things that might not have seemed important until now, your appearance being one of them. Use these suggestions to your advantage and you’ll soon stop having issues or worries on the matter.

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Things to consider before hiring a nanny

Finding a reliable caretaker for your little ones can be quite of a dreadful process at times, but some things that you should pay attention to might make the whole process significantly easier. Keep reading below to find out some inside information from leaders in the industry.

Hire a candidate through a reputable nanny agency

It may be tempting to discuss with one of your relatives to look after your child, or even looking in the local newspaper, but in the end, you want to make sure that you hire only the best person to look after your child. This will assure you that the education received during the hours spent with a nanny will rise to your expectations. Besides, we all know that grandparents and other relatives seem to overlook parent’s rules for raising a child, which might interfere a lot with their authority. Bottom line is, you should only consider collaborating with one of the best London Nanny Agency.

Carefully interview all candidates

If you want only the best nannies out there to interact with your children, make sure that you ask them very specific questions. This will help you tell with more accuracy if the nanny is truly relating with your family and the household rules. This may be a time-consuming process, sometimes, but by hiring a nanny through a reputable agency will cut some of the time usually needed.

Consider your nanny’s childcare experience

Think if this person actually took care of a child previously. Have they been paid to do it? A reliable nanny has at least a year of cumulative experience in childcare services. The experience that matters could be as a teacher, day care provider or as a camp counsellor.

Get references from other clients

The references should be from former clients. Ask what their collaboration with a certain nanny looked like, make sure that the nanny has recent clients that can vouch for their experience. Otherwise, this may be an enormous red flag. Ask the reference dates, duties, the schedule, the age of the child the nanny took care of, etc.

The nanny’s education matters

Consider your candidate’s education and pay attention to it thoroughly. If you collaborate with nanny agencies, you can be certain that all nannies have diplomas and special professional certifications. These certifications matter enormously if you want a candidate with teacher-like roles in the process of raising your child.

Do a background check

A reputable agency will always perform background checks on their employees.  However, if you’re not hiring through an agency, you may want to do your own background check. Check the sex offender database, if there is one available in your country. Do a DMV check at least, as well.

These are some of the most important things that you should consider when planning to hire a great caretaker for your children. Make sure that you follow all the steps described above and always remember that a nanny hired through a nanny agency is better than any other option.


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Some tips that will help you stay sober while traveling

If you try to picture the ideal world for a person who is struggling with addiction, no triggers would be present and the disorder would be so easy to manage. But you live in the real world where these sorts of triggers are present at each step and could cause a relapse any time if you are not careful enough. People who need to face the history of addiction will always find it difficult to be around triggers. Protecting your sobriety while traveling is even more complex, since you’ll visit a new place and you never know what you will meet in your path. Here are some tips that should help you with it:

Self-care is a must

Regardless of the reason why you travel at the moment, whether it is for work and relaxation, you need to maintain your self-care routine. Wellness cannot be ignored, even when the circumstances change. A person who had a drug problem in the past has to respect the schedule he set during rehab. Traveling will make you more vulnerable to relapsing, so this is the time when you have to focus on self-care. Find Ayahuasca retreat centers in case you want to combine your rehab with traveling. It’s a perfect location to stay away from triggers. Massages and SPA treatments are a great way to forget about triggers and enjoy your stay in a different city.

Carefully choose the activities you engage in

Staying in a hotel room all day might not be the best decision while traveling if it is related to avoiding drug triggers. You shouldn’t ruin your trip just because you are afraid of triggers. You need to engage in activities that are well-organized and that keep you away from potential triggers. Group tours are the most recommended activities to get the best out of the city you are visiting. Hiking in the nature, swimming, enjoying local gardens and parks and staying away from bars, pubs or other locations that may contain triggers is what you need to do. Traveling is a great opportunity to connect with yourself at a different level.

Keep in touch with your support group

In case you are not ready for traveling on your own, you can keep in touch with your previous support group and ask them to organize a trip outside your town. Actually, you can find drug rehabs for all of you and enjoy a one or two-day programmes there. It’s easy to travel when everyone is there with the very same purpose and you won’t have the chance to fall back in the dark pit of addiction again. The more you get used with traveling, the easier it will be to do it on your own once the rehab is completely over. The fear of relapsing will no longer constitute an issue. Manage your coping strategies and apply them to your trip. You’ll find it easier in time.


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Top tips for drivers of large trucks

The winter holidays are not here yet, but that does not mean that you should not pay a visit to your relatives. Your loved ones will be more than happy to see you. After all, you do not need an excuse to drop by when it comes to family. It is impossible to fit your spouse and kids into a small car. The best option that you have is to accommodate them in a large truck. Well, a semi-truck. You will be sharing the road with all kinds of drivers, which is why you need to be extremely careful. Some safety tips can really come in handy. It is a good thing that we have compiled a list of things that you need to know.

Make sure to wear your seat belt

Traffic Angel states that you cannot be too careful on the road. What do you know? They are right. Accidents happen all the time. Excessive caution is the best form of action. Even if you do not like wearing your seat belt, make sure to wear it. Buckling up is the most important thing ever. The seat belt will protect you and the passengers in the case of a collision. Put simply, this safety feature will save your life. Wearing a seat belt does not guarantee that you will not get into an accident. However, it will save your life. What if buckling up makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable? Safety comes first. Keep in mind that you are not travelling by yourself. You have got your entire family with you. Regardless of how inconvenient the seat belt is, wear it. You do not want to regret not having done it.

Pay attention to curves

You are not a professional driver. Far from it. You simply like getting behind the wheel. Driving a large truck is not the easiest thing in the world. However, it is not impossible. Slow down in turns and think about getting safety equipment. If you are unable to see the direction of travel, then you definitely need rear cameras. These are very similar to HGV reversing cameras in the sense that they help drivers back up and alleviate the blind spot. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that not all safety equipment is created equal. This means that not all of them are efficient when it comes to avoiding accidents. Look for a camera that allows you to see clearly and is user-friendly.

Keep your eyes on the road

Distracted driving is dangerous, but you do not need anyone telling you that. As hard as it may be, you need to concentrate all your attention on driving. In other words, keep your eyes on the road. Do not text your relatives and if a passenger keeps distracting your attention, gently remind them that you are not at home. Do not engage in secondary activities while driving. You will only endanger your life. And that of the passengers. Shut off your cell phone and do not get engaged in conversations.

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