Logo design tips – choose a logo that speaks for your start-up

Logo design tips – choose a logo that speaks for your start-up

If you will have success with the products you are about to launch on the market, then your logo will become as recognizable as the name of your company. If you are not convinced that the logo of a business is as important as its name is, then you should check the example of famous brands. Who does not know that the swoosh is the logo of Nike, and the two golden arches are the logo of McDonalds? If you have an idea of a product or services, then this is the start point of a business. Because you are focused on the product you want to create, you will turn your attention to the logo and name of the firm only when you will have to launch it, because you have to associate it with a company. If you do not take your time to find the right name and logo for your company you might not achieve the success you want, because the public perceives the product as being the result of a company.

Decide the font

Typography is one of the elements that has to be taken into consideration when deciding a logo, because it offers personality to the font. The font of the logo is directly proportional with the profit you will make, and there are not few the cases when businesses saw an increase of their profit when they redesigned the logo of the company. Serif fonts are considered classic because they are used in newspapers and academia writings. If you want to tell your customers that you are a professional company then you can opt for a serif font. Many websites use sans serifs as font for their logos, because it is a modern and clean style. Also, they are easy to read, so people will not have difficulties in understanding the name of your company. Kiasu Print suggests some font ideas you should check before deciding upon one.

What colors represent your business?

The colors together with the font bring personality to the logo of a business. Every color brings people certain feelings, for example orange is considered the right color for a company that wants to be seen as cheerful and friendly, red should be used by the entrepreneurs who want to show that they are bold in their choices, green is the right choice for a company that fights for growth and peace. Every color invokes a different feeling so make sure to know them before ordering the logo on https://www.kiasuprint.com/common-company-seals-singapore/.

Some questions to ask yourself before selecting the logo

When you decide that you need to associate the name of your business with a logo, you should ask yourself some questions, because their answer will help you make the right choice.

Who my customers are?

Do I have competitors on the market?

What makes me different from the other companies on the market?

What feelings do I want my company to invoke?

How can my logo share my tagline?




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