Operating a telehandler-do not forget about safety

Operating a telehandler-do not forget about safety


Before attempting to use a telehandler for building or restoration purposes, you have to make sure that you wear adequate equipment and you become familiar with safety measures because complying with licensing requirements is probably common sense. However, it is worth mentioning that in certain states, you need special permits for operating a telehandler. Taking into consideration that these types of machines come in different designs, you might want to read carefully the operation manual several times until you make sure that you understand every aspect because only after that you will have the confidence of driving Manitou Telehandlers properly and safely. Besides the operation manual, you have to examine the ground conditions and assess the front and rear visibility.

Examine the site

Considering the size of the machine, you have to pay close attention to workers around the site and other people who might come in the area. A suitable driver must perfect eyesight and excellent depth perception. However, considering that on a construction site there is usually a lot of noise, knowing how to use and perceive hand signals is crucial. Before even establishing the correct driving position, the operator must thoroughly evaluate ground conditions because this will allow him to spot possible obstacles or obstructions that might impede you from doing your job or cause serious accidents. The under-surface conditions are important as well because you have to assess if the terrain supports the weight of the machine.

Inspect the machine

Following the site inspection, you have to analyze several essential aspects of the telehandler to ensure good functioning and safety like the engine oil and the water levels without neglecting the wheels. The lights must be in perfect condition in order to provide excellent visibility not only for you, but also for those that have to carry their work around the machine. These types of check-ups are quite common, even when it comes to personal vehicles but when contacting UK Forks for telehandler hire you can ask more information. Nevertheless, the main difference consists in using lift attachments like earth moving buckets, fork tines and lifting jibs. Before using them, you have to ensure they are properly locked into place and assess the height and the weight of the load. You have to always be aware of power lines or branches, depending on the area you work on.  

Transporting the loads

After verifying the attachment, you have to examine the position and the balance of the load so that you make sure that you will not have any problem while transporting, such as falling and injuring a person near the machine. You can use a weight like a sand bag or straps to retain the load. When transporting the load, you should try to maintain it as low as possible to the ground while paying close attention to bumps on the site. Never forget to maintain visibility via line of sight and mirrors, especially when knowing that the area where you must operate the telehandler presents overhead obstructions.


Steve Volk