Outdated conference room? Here’s how to give it a complete makeover

Outdated conference room? Here’s how to give it a complete makeover

When you first founded your company, the conference room may have looked amazing, but the years passed, technology evolved and things got old. If back then everyone told you that you had a modern conference room, nowadays, everyone will recommend you to do a makeover. If you want to impress your clients and partners, then you have to remodel the conference room because this is the room where your meetings are held. A modern conference room will also help you improve your team’s productivity. There are some guidelines on how you can refresh an outdated conference room.

Start with the conference tables

The conference table is the focal point in this room. If you have not changed it, and you have used the same one from the moment you have started the business, then it is understandable why it makes noises when you place things on it. Choose a new standing desk or conference table, and you will notice how the dynamics of your business meetings change. If you choose a standing table, you will also improve the body posture of the people who attend your meetings.

Install a magnetic whiteboard

If you meet with your team to brainstorm ideas for your projects, then this is an essential item to have in your conference room. Magnetic whiteboards are a new trend in office design because they help you promote communication and team spirit. All your great ideas should be written on the board to not skip them from view. They come at affordable prices, and are made from materials that guarantee you that they will last for many years, even if you use them daily.

Wireless technology

In the 90s, having tech devices in the conference room meant having many wires that would trap people every time they would enter the room. But nowadays you can take advantage of technology without having to deal with the wires. It is called wireless display technology and it gives your conference room a professional vibe. You will not have to waste your time trying to figure out what cables you have to connect, you will only have to make sure that your devices are compatible.

4k displays

When you present the project for the next product or service, you need to use multimedia to make the content more user friendly. Your presentations include videos, graphics and other similar elements and if you want your wireless technology to function at its highest standard then you should pair it with a 4k display. In this way, your PowerPoint presentations will be clear and the visuals will catch the viewer’s attention. It is more appealing to use this type of device when you are organising a business meeting because you show your interlocutors that you are a professional in your field. 4k displays are known for their high-definition and they shock image realism. Also, they come paired with superior audio features and this will definitely shock your clients, employees and partners in a positive manner.

If you want to refresh an outdated conference room, then these are some of the simplest tricks you can use to do it.

Steve Volk