Packing for your first year at university

Packing for your first year at university

If you are moving to the UK for college or university, then you will most definitely find packing to be a stressful process. Packing for your first year at university is difficult since you may not have any idea whatsoever about what you should bring with you. In addition to basics like passport and winter clothes, and documents, there are some important things that every new student should buy when he is going to college or university. However, it is not necessary to go out and buy everything that is listed below because universities and private rented accommodation will most likely provide you some of them. For this reason, you should check what is already in your student housing Manchester or university halls of residence before leaving home. What you should remember is to pack key essentials so as not to clutter.

Stuff for the bedroom

Your bedroom will be a place for sleeping, snuggling and of course writing essays. If you do not want to live in a depressing for the next year, then you should decorate the inside of your accommodation. You can use photographs for your walls, DVDs and things for the bed as well. For example, a couple of sets of bedsheets and pillow cases are worth getting, even in doubles. To give your bedroom a “homely” feel, you should buy additional pillows and blankets. In addition to the fact that they will make your room more comfortable, they will keep you warm during the winter.

Cooking utensils

Supermarkets and department stores will be welcoming you with open arms as you do your shopping. Among the essentials you need to consider are plates, knifes, spoons, forks, scissors, wooden spoons, baking trays, pots and pans, glasses and mugs. Unless your intention is to live off microwave meals and eat canned food, you will need at least a couple of items to cook with. In order to solve this issue, you can take a trip to the supermarket. If you are worried that the plates may get damaged during your trip, you can buy things when you are there since there are many shops around the university.

Cleaning products

Regardless of how delighted you may be of your first year of university, you have to take into account that there is a downside as well. To be more precise, you will have to keep your room clean. Whether you live in university halls of residence of in private housing, you will have to look after the room even if there are cleaners for this job. For this, you will be needing a laundry bag, dish towels, a broom, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaners, trash bags and paper towels.


Taking into consideration that it is fairly easy to over-pack, you should leave some clothes at home for the holidays. You will definitely not need bikinis or snow boots and if you urgently need a winter coat, there are shops in the university town you can visit. What you should pack is trainers, a black-tie option for formal events, an anorak together with an umbrella, and last but not least a pair of pyjamas.

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