Parental anxiety: allowing your child to study in Spain

Parental anxiety: allowing your child to study in Spain


It is no secret that parents have a hard time accepting their children’s growth because of its close link with independence. Sadly, they must watch their babies develop into curious, intelligent and brave human beings ready to take over the world. Therefore, when the opportunity arises, no teenager will ever hesitate to study abroad. Even more, they instantly think about exploring new places, meeting friendly people, expanding their horizons, facing responsibility and paving the path towards a successful career. Parents, on the other hand, cannot stop thinking about their children’s safety, stability and happiness during the process. They remain at home worried to death. However, the truth is that some parents embrace anxiety unreasonably. If you know that your child is mature enough to leave home, enjoys discovering interesting facts and engaging in various activities, displays a great ability of coping with different teaching styles, adjusts to cultures and makes friends easily, then he is the ideal candidate for studying abroad.

Investigate the country where your child wants to study

Most parents probably worry about their child forgetting to contact them regularly and getting lost in the exploration or self-discovery process. However, taking into account all the means of communication available today thanks to technology, not being able to stay connected with a member of the family or a friend overseas is almost impossible. The only inconvenient is that you will have to adapt to your child’s study schedule. Even more, ParcelABC and other delivery companies out there help you send and receive small or big packages from that person. Of course, you should do your own research about the respective country, from demographics, population density and socio-economic profile to language and culture. This might give you peace of mind and you might be able to sleep better at night. However, you have to make sure that your child understands certain essential safety and financial aspects. For instance, taking adequate rest and avoiding harmful habits while handling finances responsibly and being aware of dangers lurking everywhere, such as thieves are lessons that will prepare your child for this stage in his life.

Maintain a good communication during the entire period

Fortunately, when it comes to staying in touch and sending packages to your child, distance is not a problem. Whether your child forgot something meaningful for him at home and you have to send it from UK to Spain or even from UK to Russia, the process should be smooth and simple. The same thing applies when sending money. Even though you made sure that your child disposed of enough money when he left home, you have to be aware that he will require more on the way. If you doubt your child’s sincerity then you can check each “investment” made during the period spent overseas, but it is important not to give your child the impression that you are controlling him or even worse, that you do not trust him. As a parent, you have to learn how to deal with the anxiety caused by your child departure while remaining at home.


Steve Volk