Reasons why you need a swimming pool cover

Reasons why you need a swimming pool cover


It has been estimated that only 10% of swimming pools have covers. That is indeed bad news. When the summer comes to an end, it is necessary to prepare the basin for wintertime. Is it, really? Yes, it is one of the many things that you have to do as a swimming pool owner. The swimming pool is a home addition of a significant importance and you have got to take good care of it. You cannot keep the basin uncovered all winter. In fact, it is not recommendable to keep the swimming pool uncovered any time of the year, if you are not using it of course. If you are still on the fence about acquiring a pool cover, you might want to check out the following reasons.

Protection from debris

If you have not yet purchased a swimming pool cover, you will be happy to hear that there is still time. You can find quality pool covers online at 1st Direct Pools. During the cold months of the year, debris collapses into the basin. If the swimming pool is not covered, then the likelihood is that debris, like leaves, sand and hair, will accumulate in huge quantities, causing blockages. It is needless to say that cleaning the swimming pool afterwards will be almost impossible, if you do not have help. The debris sinks and it gets into the drain. The last thing you want is to have debris in the water. The best thing is to prevent debris from ever piling up.  So, get a swimming pool cover.

Saving swimming pool water

Did you know that water evaporates from the swimming pool? If you live in a warmer climate, then you should know that your basin is losing a great deal of water every year. And no, the explanation is not that you have a leak. You are simply dealing with water evaporation. This is the natural course of things. Liquid transforms into vapour when the temperature is high enough. The good news is that you can do something about it. The only thing you can do in order to save water is to buy a pool cover. The top blocks the effect of the sun and the wind. The result is that you will no longer experience water evaporation. You can use a pool cover just as well in the summer.

Reducing the utilisation of chlorine

Chlorine is a sanitiser beloved by homeowners. The reason why people trust this swimming pool chemical so much is that it kills bacteria and algae. As you can imagine, chlorine is used in order to maintain the water safe. The thing is that you should not use too much chlorine. When used in large quantities, the sanitiser becomes harmful. Chlorine can possibly cause skin diseases, especially to sensible people. To prevent overusing this swimming pool chemical, invest in a cover. What has one to do with the other? you ask. UV light oxidizes chlorine, which means that it destroys it completely. So, the less UV light hits the water, the better it is for you as you do not have to use that much chlorine. It is basically a win-win situation.

Steve Volk