Remodelling a bathroom? Consider these improvements

Remodelling a bathroom? Consider these improvements

Many would say that the bathroom the most neglected room in the home when it comes to interior design. It is easy to find yourself concentrating your attention on other rooms. However, the bathroom deserves attention as well. As such an essential space in your home that you and your family require to function on a daily basis, it makes sense to take the time to update it. Have you already started? Good for you. If you are renovating the bathroom, then you might want to take into consideration the following improvements.

Indoor shutters

Shutters may not be the obvious choice, due to the fact that they are made from wood, many don’t think that their place is in the bathroom. It is normal for people to think that way. After all, there is a lot of humidity and condensation. Humidity and condensation might kill your laptop, but they do not affect white plantation shutters. The window treatments used on these types of shutters are impervious to water, meaning that you have nothing to worry about. The shutters can adapt to any living space, fitting in perfectly. Additionally, bathroom shutters offer a high degree of privacy. As opposed to curtains and blinds, they offer complete coverage. The window coverings are fitted to the frame, so nobody will be able to peek inside. Most importantly, they are hygienic. Cleaning the wooden shutters is easy, all you need is a microfiber cloth.

Wall-mounted toilet

Wall-mounted toilets can be found in many residential homes. Why do so many people prefer this option? Probably because it helps them save a great deal of space. If your bathroom is not that big, you might want to consider investing in a wall-mounted toilet. Sure, this improvement costs more than bathroom shutters. The fixture is expensive, yet it is worth the investment. You have the opportunity to decide the height at which the toilet is installed and you will not have trouble cleaning it. The tank, which is made of lightweight plastic and Styrofoam, is installed behind the wall, in a carrier meant to provide support. As surprising as it may seem, the wall-mounted bathroom is an environmentally friendly choice. How so? Well, you save water with each flush. Who doesn’t want to save the environment?

Walk-in shower 

If you are wondering what exactly you should redo in your bathroom, look no further. Replace the whirlpool tub with a walk-in shower. The walk-in shower is made exclusively of glass. There are no moving parts, so there is not anything to break. Since there are no hinged doors, you can literally walk in. Tile and stone are normal. The enclosure can be constructed in many ways, so you are spoilt for choice. When you have a walk-in shower, you will be searching for excuses to take a shower. Actually, you will spend a hefty amount of time in the bathroom. The walk-in shower is so convenient that two people can use it at the same time.

Steve Volk