Say Goodbye to Speeding Tickets with the Best Radar Detectors

Say Goodbye to Speeding Tickets with the Best Radar Detectors

When it comes to saving you money from speeding tickets, nothing can beat the highly-efficient radar detector that warns you about the places where speed cameras are installed. These smart gadgets help you stay away from tickets and also improve the quality of your driving by offering you road information and keeping you safe, which is why they are so popular among drivers. With the following advanced radar detectors, you can say goodbye to speeding tickets and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Valentine One

This radar detector uses a radio antenna in the back and one in the front so it can detect both radar and laser signals from all four bands and it allows you to select which of the bands you want it to detect in order to reduce the false alarms and increase the accuracy. Its screen only shows the band, the strength of the signal it detects, the number of assailants, and the direction of the signal, but you can connect it to a smartphone and enlarge the screen so it will display more information. The Valentine One is an advanced version of the previous model and you can sense that by the $399 price tag.

Cobra SPX 7800BT

If you are looking for an affordable radar detector that offers excellent results in detecting police threats, you should look no more. This Cobra model is a device that can receive signals from the latest radar guns and includes an iRadar app that lets you connect it to your phone so you can maneuver the rotating map it has memorized. You will be able to visualize the road ahead and the possible radars placed along the way, plus live traffic information for busy streets, road blockages, and any other traffic interference. There is also a community where Cobra users can update the maps and the traffic info, and all for the low price of $170.

Escort Passport 9500ix

Coming from the top name in radar detectors, this device couldn’t offer less than maximum efficiency in receiving data related to police guns placed on the streets. It can detect signal on every band and it also has a laser monitoring so you are sure to stay aware from speeding tickets. The smart technologies it uses allow it to detect a signal and decide if it’s a threat before you get too close and offers it access to a database of camera locations that is being constantly updated. This radar detector is available for purchase at a cost of $349.

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