Some tips that will help you stay sober while traveling

Some tips that will help you stay sober while traveling

If you try to picture the ideal world for a person who is struggling with addiction, no triggers would be present and the disorder would be so easy to manage. But you live in the real world where these sorts of triggers are present at each step and could cause a relapse any time if you are not careful enough. People who need to face the history of addiction will always find it difficult to be around triggers. Protecting your sobriety while traveling is even more complex, since you’ll visit a new place and you never know what you will meet in your path. Here are some tips that should help you with it:

Self-care is a must

Regardless of the reason why you travel at the moment, whether it is for work and relaxation, you need to maintain your self-care routine. Wellness cannot be ignored, even when the circumstances change. A person who had a drug problem in the past has to respect the schedule he set during rehab. Traveling will make you more vulnerable to relapsing, so this is the time when you have to focus on self-care. Find Ayahuasca retreat centers in case you want to combine your rehab with traveling. It’s a perfect location to stay away from triggers. Massages and SPA treatments are a great way to forget about triggers and enjoy your stay in a different city.

Carefully choose the activities you engage in

Staying in a hotel room all day might not be the best decision while traveling if it is related to avoiding drug triggers. You shouldn’t ruin your trip just because you are afraid of triggers. You need to engage in activities that are well-organized and that keep you away from potential triggers. Group tours are the most recommended activities to get the best out of the city you are visiting. Hiking in the nature, swimming, enjoying local gardens and parks and staying away from bars, pubs or other locations that may contain triggers is what you need to do. Traveling is a great opportunity to connect with yourself at a different level.

Keep in touch with your support group

In case you are not ready for traveling on your own, you can keep in touch with your previous support group and ask them to organize a trip outside your town. Actually, you can find drug rehabs for all of you and enjoy a one or two-day programmes there. It’s easy to travel when everyone is there with the very same purpose and you won’t have the chance to fall back in the dark pit of addiction again. The more you get used with traveling, the easier it will be to do it on your own once the rehab is completely over. The fear of relapsing will no longer constitute an issue. Manage your coping strategies and apply them to your trip. You’ll find it easier in time.


Steve Volk