Start Wars fans should add this gadget to their collection

Start Wars fans should add this gadget to their collection

The film series Star Wars is probably one of the most popular in the entire world. It is for sure that there is no country that has not aired at least one of the movies of this famous series. If you are a big fan of Star Wars, you probably have a large collection of clothes with the images from the movie printed on, tons of posters and other Star Wars themed objects, such as mugs, plates and so on. However, if there would be one item that misses from your collection, that would be a tiny Death Star levitating speaker. Here are the main reasons why this gadget is a must-have.

For its design

One of the top reasons why this levitating speaker should not miss from your collection is the fact that it is Star Wars themed. The speaker is designed in a round shape, and the moment you lay eyes on it you immediately think of the famous Death Star from the popular film series. Having a tiny Death Star on your desk is definitely something any guest coming to your place will envy you for.

It actually floats!

This levitating speaker definitely brings a unique touch to the room. The levitating effect happens due to some built-in magnets placed both in the base and in the ball of the speaker, which reject each other as soon as you turn the speaker on. However, it might take one minute or two until you manage to place the ball perfectly over the base in order to make those magnets reject each other.

High quality sound

Another reason why a levitating speaker is such a great investment is the fact that you can listen to music at a very good quality. Besides the fact that it is a great decorating item for your room, this speaker provides you 360-degree sound projection. You can listen to your favourite music from the film series at high quality, not to mention the fact that since there is no “back” of the speaker (as it happens in the case of those bulky speakers), the sound is not altered in any way so you do not have to worry about this aspect anymore.

It is quite affordable

It is worth mentioning that there is a wide variety of levitating speakers available on the market, with numerous providers willing to offer you high quality products. All you have to do is some research on the internet and choose the speaker that best matches your interests and budget. The price for these products usually does not exceed $150, but this only depends on the provider. However, you have to admit that you have probably spent a lot more money on other Star Wars themed objects than you would have to spend on a levitating speaker.

As you can see, these are the main reasons why you should consider buying a levitating speaker. Besides the fact that it is Star Wars themed, you can use it to listen to your favourite music and throw some great parties at your place.

Steve Volk

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