The Pros and Cons of Using an Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Pros and Cons of Using an Automatic Pool Cleaner

There aren’t many pool owners who enjoy having to spend their time cleaning every corner of the pool, because it’s a very annoying and time consuming chore which will make you tired from the effort that went in doing it.
Most pool owners would rather enjoy their time by sitting in the pool instead of cleaning it thoroughly, this being the reason why automatic pool cleaners have gained a lot of popularity. With this kind of pool cleaning device you get to enjoy more free time, and there isn’t much effort from your part put in actually cleaning the pool, making them the ideal tool for any pool owner.
There are three types of automatic pool cleaners from which you can choose, the suction pool cleaner, the robotic pool cleaner also known as the pool vacuum robot, and the pressure pool cleaner, and before rushing to the store to buy one of them, it’s better to first inform yourself on the pros and cons of these devices, and take a decision after you put in balance their strong points and their flaws.

Automatic pool cleaner pros

The main pros of suction pool cleaners are that they clean very well due to the fact that they easily pick up small particles like dirt and sand, they scrub the walls of the pool efficiently, and they are generally the least expensive automatic pool cleaners available.
The advantages of robotic pool cleaners are that they can thoroughly clean your pool of small and large debris. Moreover, a pool vacuum robot will circulate the pool water better, it will learn new and shorter paths to cleaning your pool on its own, it will scrub the floor and the walls of the pool very well, and some models can even be guided with a remote control by you if you want to take control of them.
The pros of pressure pool cleaners are that they don’t really require much cleaning because all the debris goes in the attached bag they come with, they are capable of cleaning up large debris, they are very durable, and they are extremely low maintenance.

Automatic pool cleaner cons

When it comes to cons, suction pool cleaners don’t really work well on large floating debris, and due to the fact that they send the dirt into the pool’s filter, you have to clean the pump a lot more often by using them.
Robotic pool cleaners have the disadvantages of being limited by the length of their cords, they are the most expensive types of automatic pool cleaners, and they require frequent cleaning.
The cons of pressure pool cleaners are that they aren’t capable of scrubbing the walls of the pool, and they aren’t good at picking up small or fine particles of dirt from the water.

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