Things to consider before hiring a nanny

Things to consider before hiring a nanny

Finding a reliable caretaker for your little ones can be quite of a dreadful process at times, but some things that you should pay attention to might make the whole process significantly easier. Keep reading below to find out some inside information from leaders in the industry.

Hire a candidate through a reputable nanny agency

It may be tempting to discuss with one of your relatives to look after your child, or even looking in the local newspaper, but in the end, you want to make sure that you hire only the best person to look after your child. This will assure you that the education received during the hours spent with a nanny will rise to your expectations. Besides, we all know that grandparents and other relatives seem to overlook parent’s rules for raising a child, which might interfere a lot with their authority. Bottom line is, you should only consider collaborating with one of the best London Nanny Agency.

Carefully interview all candidates

If you want only the best nannies out there to interact with your children, make sure that you ask them very specific questions. This will help you tell with more accuracy if the nanny is truly relating with your family and the household rules. This may be a time-consuming process, sometimes, but by hiring a nanny through a reputable agency will cut some of the time usually needed.

Consider your nanny’s childcare experience

Think if this person actually took care of a child previously. Have they been paid to do it? A reliable nanny has at least a year of cumulative experience in childcare services. The experience that matters could be as a teacher, day care provider or as a camp counsellor.

Get references from other clients

The references should be from former clients. Ask what their collaboration with a certain nanny looked like, make sure that the nanny has recent clients that can vouch for their experience. Otherwise, this may be an enormous red flag. Ask the reference dates, duties, the schedule, the age of the child the nanny took care of, etc.

The nanny’s education matters

Consider your candidate’s education and pay attention to it thoroughly. If you collaborate with nanny agencies, you can be certain that all nannies have diplomas and special professional certifications. These certifications matter enormously if you want a candidate with teacher-like roles in the process of raising your child.

Do a background check

A reputable agency will always perform background checks on their employees.  However, if you’re not hiring through an agency, you may want to do your own background check. Check the sex offender database, if there is one available in your country. Do a DMV check at least, as well.

These are some of the most important things that you should consider when planning to hire a great caretaker for your children. Make sure that you follow all the steps described above and always remember that a nanny hired through a nanny agency is better than any other option.


Steve Volk