Things you didn’t know about artificial grass

Things you didn’t know about artificial grass


Artificial grass is gaining more and more popularity with Scottish homeowners. People are willing to settle for fake grass and it’s not hard to understand why. Unlike the real thing, it needs little to no maintenance, is safe for children and pets, and there’s no need to worry about muddy feet. It’s important not to forget about the fact that faux grass is significantly improved in terms of quality. Don’t you think that artificial grass can transform your lifestyle? Because it can. Before you get in touch with artificial turf installers, you might want to check out these things.

How artificial grass is installed

It’s tempting to think that installing a faux grass is a simple undertaking. However, it isn’t and the best thing you can do is get in touch with Scottish artificial turf installers. So, what’s so difficult about installing faux grass? The difficulty lies in the location and size of the surface of synthetic fibres. You can try to install artificial turf yourself, but you can rest assured that the quality won’t be a superior one. Professional installers follow certain steps. First, they eliminate existing materials to create a sub base. Next, the artificial turf installers prepare and contact the base. Laying the surface is done with great precision. Last but not least, the edges are hidden from the view and infill is applied.

Artificial grass features

Until now, you have heard only praises concerning fake grass. But do you know anything about its features? Probably not. What you need to know is that faux turf looks and, most importantly, feels realistic. The blade technology as well as the infill are what make the surface feel so real. When you purchase artificial turf, you invest in something that feels real. When you’re in the market for fake grass, look for a coating that ensures UV protection. Surprising or not, fibres that meet high quality standards also provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Artificial grass comes in many colours  

Did you honestly think that green is the only available colour? No, when it comes to synthetic grass, there are no colour limitations. More precisely, if you want to have artificial grass installed, you can choose between hues of green, such as lime green, olive green, or dark green. What is more, you can opt for non-conventional colours, like brown, grey, and purple. If you are a person with a creative personality, you will want to opt for fake grass that is out-of-the ordinary.

The old days of artificial grass

It’s difficult to believe that faux turf actually has a history, but it does. It is not a modern invention. Artificial grass was developed as a solution for sports stadiums. It was literally impossible to keep natural grass nice and healthy, so stadium owners desperately needed an alternative. Fake grass was introduced in the year 1970. But how did it get to homeowners? Well, an intelligent person used it for a residential application and all the other people followed their example.

Steve Volk