Top Features To Look For When Buying A Snow Blower

Top Features To Look For When Buying A Snow Blower

People who live in areas where snowfall is an unavoidable occurrence during winter always have a hard time with clearing paths for themselves and for their cars.
In these modern times, where there are many tools that ease our work considerably, it’s a shame to spend your free time shoveling snow, or even having to wake up hours before you have to leave to work in order to be able to clear a path for the car in time. In addition, the tiring and time consuming chore of shoveling the snow does considerable damage to your back as well, therefore it’s better to find a different method of clearing the annoying snow.
Definitely the best method to clear the snow is by using a snow blower, and due to the fact that it’s a large investment, you should go for a model that has all the top features to make your job even easier.


Having a snow blower that gives you the ability to choose the speed as you like is very important, because it ensures you will have enhanced control, and by allowing you to do this you can set the speed to accommodate the type of snow that you are dealing with, preventing the device from getting clogged.
The finest snowblowers even offer you seven different speeds to choose from, but the truth is that you most probably will use only two or three of them.

Clearing width

The clearing width is one of the most important features of a snow thrower, one you must pay attention to when you choose it, because the clearing width determines the number of passes necessary to get the job done.
You should decide on the appropriate size of the snow blower’s clearing width after taking in consideration the width of your driveway, the clearing widths of these devices varying from less than 12 inches to as much as 45 inches.

Direction and height adjustment

It’s important to have a snow thrower which allows you to adjust the direction and the height at which the snow is being thrown, having more flexibility by owning a model with this feature.
Don’t forget to test these controls before you buy the model if it’s possible, to see for yourself how easily you can handle them and if they are appropriate for your needs.

Heated handle grips

While this might not seem as one of the most important features to look for, if you live in an area where the winter is very harsh, you won’t be able to see how you could have finished clearing the driveway without it. The finest snowblowers include many convenience features, including heated handles. Heathed handle grips make it a lot easier to clear snow for a longer time, and they make the experience more comfortable for you.


Seeing how in winter it gets dark a lot earlier than in the other seasons, it’s important to look for a model that has headlights. This way, you will be able to clear the annoying snow even when the dark settles, coming especially in handy for those who work until late hours and don’t have the time to deal with the snow when there’s light outside.

Dead man controls

This is a mandatory feature if you want to have a truly good snow blower, and it’s included with most of the modern models.With this amazing feature, the snow blower’s impeller and auger stop working once the handlebar mechanism grip is released, and due to its important nature, you should avoid buying a model that doesn’t come with it.

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