Turn your garden into a tropical paradise with these simple tricks

Turn your garden into a tropical paradise with these simple tricks

We all dream of a tropical getaway to unwind, but if flight ticket and accommodation prices put you off, we have an idea that will help you get the closest thing to an exotic vacation: turn your garden into a tropical paradise. You don’t need to have a large garden for this project; in fact, just a couple of acres of land are enough. All it takes is imagination and a couple of tools that you can find in your local hardware store, such as exterior lighting, building tools and flowers.

Step 1: Plant tropical flowers

No matter how many decorations you add, you will not be able to achieve a genuine tropical paradise environment without actual tropical flowers. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in Hawaii or Punta Cana to plant exotic plants; some of them thrive in American and European and can survive all year round if you buy special compost. For example, you can find and plant hibiscus, jasmine or mandevilla. Don’t forget about arrangements either. A tropical paradise has to be playful, colorful and flamboyant, so make sure you choose large pots and add as much grass as possible. Tropical plants thrive in a humid environment, so don’t forget to water them frequently.

Step 2: Exterior lighting

One of the biggest perks of having a tropical paradise in your garden is being able to use it at night for barbecues and relaxing moments, so outdoor lighting plays an important role. Designer lighting is the best idea, because it lasts for a longer time and you can find unique designs that conventional hardware stores do not have. If you want the garden to be well lit even at night, invest in large standing lamps. If you prefer a more romantic atmosphere, choose small wall lights or incorporate small solar-powered LED lamps into the deck

Step 3: Revamp your deck

The deck is a major component in any garden remodeling project and if you want to turn your garden into an exotic paradise you need to consider extensive redwood decking. If possible, add stairs and let them be covered by grass and plants for a more natural look. If you already have a gazebo, add some leaves or make a thatched roof for an authentic Tiki feel. With a larger budget, you can achieve something even bigger: your very own tropical bar, where you can make cocktails and hang out with friends.

Step 4: Decorations

Decorations are the finishing touches that will transform a plain garden into a tropical paradise. They’re the easiest to find, since the tropical theme is very popular. For starters, buy a large beach umbrella, some lounging chairs and, if you have trees, a hammock. Other subtle tropical touches include statues, hanging lights, illuminated bar signs, vases and tropical themed glasses and jars. Keep in mind that the tropical look is not very polished and the decorations have to be simple and handmade.

Steve Volk