Unusual shopping list – to invest or not to invest

Unusual shopping list – to invest or not to invest


Are you tired of buying the same items over and over again? The joy of buying something new that has a specific utility in one’s life is irreplaceable. Spending money recklessly on things that do not directly affect the way you live – or your future – is something to avoid. Throwing money away on stuff that has no impact on your life is irrelevant and should stop. Of course, there are some items that should be bought monthly, without exception. But what if you’d spend your money on something more relevant other than devices, clothes or going out? This shopping list is the most unusual one you’ll ever read, but buying the items listed here can entirely change your future or can transform a bad day into a good one instantly. That’s the reason why buying them it’s worth a try. Here’s the list:

DNA test kits

The first unusual item you can invest in is represented by DNA test kits. These kits can give you some pieces of information regarding your genes. They can assess what your main attribute is (intelligence, strength or speed), they can give you a detailed picture of your metabolic rate, or you can even trace your ancestry and see what your genealogical tree looks like. Even though it seems like running such test won’t have a direct impact on your life, the truth is they can influence your future tremendously. For instance, if you learn what your attribute is, you can select a career that makes good use of that respective trait of yours. The genes of a person lean towards a certain direction that can help a person choose her path. If your genes are directed towards strength, you should fructify that by training your body. In other cases, you can focus on training your mind and engaging yourself in mind-challenging activities. The DNA test results will help you decide what your next step is going to be, so the investment is surely worth making. You can learn more about this topic here.

Camping items

Have you ever thought to invest money into camping items? If you never focused your attention on spending your weekends in nature, this is the moment you should do it. The stressful day-by-day activities will get to you eventually, making you feel overwhelmed. That is the moment when you should take a break and there is no better option other than going camping. Why camping? The answer is simple – you don’t have to spend additional money other than the initial investment on camping items. Invest in a water-resistant tent, a ground cloth, some extra stakes and a sleeping bag and you’re all set. For cooking or miscellaneous activities, you’ll find the items around the house. Thus, you can spend less money on an experience that’s worth much more. Investing money in things that could actually influence your life is recommended instead of wasting it on temporary items. Think about that next time you come up with a shopping list.

Steve Volk