Useful day-to-day apps and websites to try this year

Useful day-to-day apps and websites to try this year


You got tired of the same apps you’ve been using lately, the same websites you visit daily, and want to try something new? Then you are in the right place. The year 2018 surprised people with lots of innovation in terms of technology. Keeping up with these innovations is surely not easy because it requires both substantial investments and understanding what they are all about. But one thing you can certainly do is related to the activities you fill your time with. Using a device for entertainment is no longer unusual, but you should learn how to make the best out of that experience. Start by visiting the appropriate websites and using the apps that do have a benefit in your daily life. Here are some examples:


For security purposes

First of all, you have to make sure that you are secure while browsing the internet, regardless of what type of device you are using. There are plenty of apps that could help you secure your device. Plus, you can use websites that provide you with useful information regarding security. You can find a person’s identity via her phone number. Simply access a website that offers a phone number search option and you are all set. Invest in a licensed antivirus for your computer to avoid unpleasant situations caused by malware. Free antivirus programs are usually making your computer slower, and this is not the outcome you want to achieve.

Organizing your life

For organizing each moment of your life, you’ll get the chance to choose from a variety of apps and websites. First of all, decide what your purpose is. The categories of apps and websites you can select vary from to-do organizers, apps/add-ons that block certain websites to boost productivity, complex calendars, and schedule apps to business-oriented apps. You can use them all at once or focus on the one that helps you the most.

To-do lists are a great way to start your day productively and creating a list on your phone or laptop is much more rapid than writing down in your agenda. As for boosting productivity, taking a break from the time-consuming social media websites, YouTube or any other distraction that may be in your path is the right choice. You can do that through apps for your smartphones or add-ons for your browser – it all depends on what device you spend most of your time. Scheduling your time with the help of a virtual calendar can save your day. Scheduling apps can send you notifications when there’s something you need to complete in a certain period of time. This can be very helpful for people who usually forget what they have to do.

Entertainment purposes

As for entertainment, you may already know that games, both single and multiplayer, wait for you. No matter the platform you choose (mobile, computer, console etc.) games will always represent a way to escape from routine and take some time to enjoy yourself. Check what game seems interesting to you and don’t be afraid to invest in it. In the end, it will surely be worth it.

Steve Volk