Which SIM only deals allow tethering?

Which SIM only deals allow tethering?


The number of people choosing a SIM only option has significantly increased lately, because believe it or not, SIM only deals come with more benefits compared to monthly contracts for instance, and it’s not only about the amount of minutes and texts available. People can purchase a SIM only from nearly every specialized store whenever they want and benefit from some good deals. If you want to learn more about these deals, you can access websites such as https://www.techprevue.com/best-sim-plan-deals-may/. Today, most people are interested in getting as much data usage as possible in order to tether. Here are more details on what tethering is, what its benefits are and where you can find the best deals that also allow tethering.

What exactly is tethering?

You have probably heard about tethering for quite a while but didn’t get exactly what it is. Well, know that it’s a method utilized to turn a smartphone into a portable Wi-Fi router or mobile hotspot. Once you turn on the tethering feature on your smartphone, the device starts to create a localized wireless Internet connection, which can be used in order to connect any other type of gadget that provides Wi-Fi features, such as laptop or tablet to that smartphone.

What are the perks of mobile data tethering?

You may say that you don’t need tethering, because nowadays you can find Wi-Fi networks nearly everywhere, but you would be wrong. The truth is that the Internet is extremely accessible today, but you may go someplace where there is actually no Wi-Fi network available and that the only way you can get connected to the World Wide Web is via your smartphone. This is when the tethering function comes in to save the day. You can turn it on and connect your laptop to it in order to download or upload that important document you weren’t able to visualize correctly on a smaller screen.

Companies that accept tethering and what the related costs are

It is essential to remember that there are some companies that allow their customers to tether and there are some that don’t. That’s because sometimes tethering can be more expensive, due to that laptops or PCs that are connected to a tethered network for instance use a lot more data when browsing the Internet. Here is a list of the companies that allow tethering:

  • EE – this company includes tethering feature as part of their data plans on a regular month. However, they always ensure they remind their customers that tethering can use much more data on the phone.
  • Three – this company also has tethering included in their SIM only deals and Advanced deals. But only those on all-you-can-eat packages are allowed to tether a specific amount of data, because those that own pay-as-you-go and essential contracts have to pay some extra money in order to tether their smartphones.
  • Vodafone – they have always included tethering in their contracts and haven’t charged customers extra money for this feature. In case someone goes over the monthly data usage allowance, they do have to pay for what they used, but otherwise, they don’t have to worry about this aspect.
  • O2 – although on the company’s website people are advised not to use their smartphones as personal hotspots, because the gadgets aren’t designed for this purpose, O2 does allow its customers to tether.
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