You may be doing your laundry wrong and this is why

You may be doing your laundry wrong and this is why


Doing laundry may be the most predictive and inevitable thing that you have to do. That, and taxes. But as inevitable doing laundry may be, and no matter how many times until now you already did it, you may be doing it wrong. We know, it’s shocking. But chances are, many of us are too tired, too forgetful or too disinterested to pay real attention to the way in which we’re doing this chore. Simply throw dirty laundry in your washer, some detergent and that’s it. Well, that’s not it, if we listen to the experts in the industry. Below are some ways in which you may be doing your laundry wrong.

Most probably, you’re sorting your laundry wrong

Separating the laundry goes beyond separating the darks from the whites, but most people are unaware of this. For instance, you should never wash together synthetics with towels, because they are more likely to change form this way. Also, fleece clothing should never be washed with anything else than fleece. Pilling is very likely to occur and you will end up with unusable clothing or blankets.

You don’t keep your washing machine clean

You must probably think that washing your washing machine is, well, useless. But, only think of all the residues that accumulate in that washer. Avoid that residue build-up by running an empty hot cycle with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar. If this doesn’t seem to work, an empty hot cycle with bleach will do the trick. Scrub any potential residue left behind this cycle and your washing machine will be as good as new. You should also make sure to replace the washers fixing your washing machine more frequently than you already do, as the experts at claim.

You’re washing your clothes way too often

Unless you don’t use deodorant, washing a clothing item after each use is unnecessary. Until now you should know that over washing will tear your clothing more easily and you’ll end up spending on it more than you should. Also, you must invest in a clothing refreshing spray, which will help you with less frequent washes. A DIY one will also work wonderfully. Mix some essential oils at your preference in some distilled water, put the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it when you think that this is necessary. Also, not mixing your clean with your worn clothing will help with the smell. Separate the two on two different racks. Moreover, the experts advise people to consider public laundry places as an option and do their laundry only once a week. This is a far better option than doing it at home every two to three days.

You are probably using too much detergent

Like most of us, you are probably overindulging with that detergent. While you might be tempted to think that more detergent will leave your laundry squeaky clean, it will make those dirtier. Detergent build-up accumulates in your laundry when you use larger quantities than recommended.

These are some ways in which people fail to do their laundry properly. Keep in mind these mistakes and apply those next time when doing your laundry.

Steve Volk